Getting Started With Meteomatics Weather API

Meteomatics provides a REST1-style API to retrieve historic, current, and forecast data globally. This includes model data and observational data in time series and areal formats. Areal formats are also offered through a WMS2/WFS3-compatible interface. Geographic and time series data can be combined in certain file formats, such as NetCDF.

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How Does It Work?

The URL for an API query has the following structure:

API Login / Sign in

Use your login username and password you received via email to login by clicking on the button below.


Your First Query

After you receive your login username and password you can immediately start using and exploring the Weather API.
By clicking on the following example link, for the current air temperature in Berlin, you will be prompted to enter your login details.,13.461804/html

You can also use our URL creator tool which will guide you through the step by step process.
Looking at the example from above:,13.461804/html
  • 2024-06-14T00:00:00Z - current date and time (Z is the time zone designator for UTC time)
  • t_2m:C - parameter with units (temperature at two meters above ground in degrees Celsius)
  • 52.520551,13.461804 - latitude, longitude (in decimal degrees)
  • html - output format

For more details concerning parameters, locations and format - click here for more information about the structure.

Use a Time Interval

Let’s get the temperature for a three day interval with temporal increments of one hour:,13.461804/html
  • start date: 2024-06-14T00:00:00Z
  • end date: 2024-06-17T00:00:00Z
  • time step: PT1H - time step (1 hour)

Click here for a detailed time description

Let's Add More Parameters

For more than one parameter type them separated by commas:,precip_1h:mm,wind_speed_10m:ms/52.520551,13.461804/html
  • t_2m:C - temperature at two meters in degree Celsius
  • precip_1h:mm - precipitation during the last hour in mm
  • wind_speed_10m:ms - wind speed at 10 m in m/s

Click here for more available parameters.

Get Parameters On a Grid

Interested in a specific area? No problem, just adapt the coordinates. For example, let’s get the coordinates of a rectangle with a fixed resolution:,10_40,20:0.02,0.04/html
  • 50,10 - latitude max, longitude min (upper left corner of the rectangle)
  • 40,20 - latitude min, longitude max (lower right corner of the rectangle)
  • 0.02,0.04 - resolution (latitude direction: 0.02°, longitude direction: 0.04°)
  • html - output format (png or csv also possible)

Click here for a detailed coordinates description.

Output Formats

You can change the output format to your desired format. Just replace html in the query above:

png, xml, JSON, netcdf...,13.461804/json
  • json - json format

Click here for available formats.

Need some help?

We are continuously innovating and perfecting our API, to ensure we deliver superior accuracy and ease of use. Thus, we have designed the URL Creator to help you build an API request, by simplifying the process of requesting weather data.
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Get A Subscription

You can get a subscription for the Meteomatics Weather API on this page or by directly contacting us.

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Email: [email protected].

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