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The Meteomatics tech blog explores and explains the developments, news and trends surrounding data science and weather by exploring new and useful open source applications for our weather API.

Behind the Scenes: How to Program a Phyton script for regular Energy Weather Forecasting with Meteomatics Weather API

The quantity, quality and ready availability of Meteomatics weather data is ideally suited to customers in the energy sector, from modelling consumer demand to predicting renewable output and much more in between. To demonstrate just how easy it is to begin using Meteomatics data for your forecasting needs, in this article I’m going to show how I used the Python connector to create a script which produces an energy-relevant prognosis for the next few weeks. Read the detailed description on programming a Python script for energy weather forecasts and get insights into our bespoke energy solutions!

Developing an Alexa Skill with Python

In this blog post Tom explains how to create an Alexa skill using weather data and illustrates the advantages of using Meteomatics API to answer weather questions in Alexa very quickly. As something of a novice at working with web requests, Tom demonstrates how to use the Developer Console – a boon for beginner web-application programmers – and explains what the Meteomatics API is and how it works, showing how easy it is to start using Meteomatics data for your Voice Assistant projects. Meteomatics always looks for ways to make interacting with their data even easier, and in 2021 that can mean only one thing. Yes, Meteomatics is developing voice assistant compatibility!

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Thomas Eldridge

Thomas Eldridge

Technology Evangelist

Since graduating from his Physics degree in 2015, Tom has been a researcher in Meteorology, with a focus on rescuing old satellite data and applying it to questions of historical climate. He joined Meteomatics in 2021 and is exploring new applications of the extensive weather API database. When not in the office he is, on average, halfway up a mountain.

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