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The Meteomatics tech blog explores and explains the developments, news and trends surrounding data science and weather by exploring new and useful open source applications for our Weather API.

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11/23/2023 / Getting Live Weather Data into ArcGIS: In this article we discuss the kinds of problems that ArcGIS can help you with, as well as how to get API data into ArcGIS and schedule regular updates so that your ArcGIS map always shows you an up-to-date forecast without the need for manual intervention.
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08/24/2022 / How to use pysheds to predict flood extents
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07/15/2022 / How to delineate river catchment areas for flood modelling using pysheds
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03/07/2022 / Using Google's Dialogueflow to Create an AI Chatbot
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01/26/2022 / How to find the most reliable API data for your usage
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12/22/2021 / A discussion of the merits of a new programming language, and a new connector to the API
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11/26/2021 / How to Program a Python Script for Regular Energy Weather Forecasting with Meteomatics Weather API
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11/09/2021 / How to develop a weather data voice assistant with Python
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