High-Resolution European Weather Model for Precise Forecasts

EURO1k's unique 1k resolution delivers finely detailed datasets, meeting the specific needs of diverse industries throughout Europe.

Improve your operational planning and extreme weather response with the most precise weather forecasts.

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What Is the European Weather Model EURO1k?

EURO1k is an exceptional high-resolution numerical weather model from Meteomatics, covering Europe and parts of North Africa at a resolution of 1 kilometer.

In contrast to the standard global weather models, which usually provide spatial resolutions of around 20 km and temporal resolutions of 1 hour, EURO1k sets a new benchmark in weather modeling.

It is the first and only model in Europe to achieve a resolution fine enough to accurately model even the smallest meteorological phenomena, including thunderstorms, hail, and storms.

This level of detail marks a significant advancement in the field of meteorological modeling.

EURO1k in a Nutshell

  • A fine spatial resolution of 1 km.
  • A high temporal resolution of 20 minutes.
  • Forecast lead time of 48 hours.
  • Geographical coverage across all of Europe.
  • Hourly updates, integrating all available measurement and observation data from Europe.
  • Exclusive integration of weather data captured by Meteodrones (Meteomatics' weather drones).
  • Downscaling capability allowing for resolutions as precise as 90 meters.
  • Availability of over 1800 weather parameters.
  • Provision of real-time data.
  • Boundary condition: ECMWF-IFS.

EURO1k's Geographical Coverage

Coverage EURO1k

Who Can Benefit From EURO1k?

EURO1k offers unparalleled insights into localized weather patterns, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of industries. Its exceptional precision and extended forecast horizon of up to 48 hours provide invaluable information for optimizing operations and mitigating risks across various sectors.

  • Renewable Energy Production: EURO1k's fine-scale data enables wind and solar farm operators to accurately predict energy generation, ensuring efficient scheduling and maximizing output. This precise forecasting is crucial for maximizing revenue and ensuring grid stability.
  • Transport Route Planning: For transport companies, EURO1k's detailed weather information is essential for optimizing routes, anticipating disruptions, and ensuring efficient deliveries. By factoring in real-time weather conditions, EURO1k can help businesses avoid extreme weather events and potential accidents, saving time, fuel, and money.
  • Airport Operations: EURO1k plays a critical role in optimizing airport operations, particularly in managing aircraft takeoffs, landings, and ground traffic. Its detailed weather forecasts allow for proactive planning, minimizing delays and disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Energy Trading: With its ability to provide accurate forecasts for both intraday and day-ahead trading, EURO1k empowers energy traders to make informed decisions and capitalize on market opportunities. By anticipating weather-related fluctuations in energy demand and supply, EURO1k helps traders optimize their trading strategies and maximize profits.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies rely on EURO1k's precise weather data to assess risk and verify claims accurately. By analyzing historical weather patterns and real-time forecasts, EURO1k enables insurance providers to accurately measure and price risk, ensuring fairness and transparency for policyholders.
  • Aviation and Defense: EURO1k's high-resolution data is invaluable for aviation and defense operations. Accurate weather forecasts are essential for ensuring safe and efficient flight operations, particularly in complex weather conditions. EURO1k also supports military planning and risk assessment, providing a crucial edge in tactical decision-making.
  • Building and Training Risk or AI Models: EURO1k's high-quality, spatially resolved data is a valuable asset for developing and training advanced risk models and AI algorithms. With access to EURO1k's data, companies can build more robust models that better predict weather-related risks and optimize operations across various industries.
Euro1k day ahead trading bastian pudill fmzloj66 SXI unsplash
Traders can rely on EURO1k for intraday and day-ahead forecasting thanks to its hourly updates and high resolution, which results in remarkably low model error within the first 6 to 12 hours after each initialization and makes it the best choice for short-term forecasts up to 48 hours.
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Europe orbit daylight meteomatics euro1k
Meteomatics is the first company worldwide to calculate a Europe-wide weather model with a spatial resolution of one kilometer. Hourly model calculations provide the most up-to-date forecasts every hour, which also sets new standards in terms of forecast actuality.
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With a modeling resolution of one kilometer, EURO1k is designed to take account of local changes in orography and produce much more realistic weather forecasts in regions with rapidly varying surface elevation.
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Christian Schluchter - Chief Technology Officer
Christian Schluchter
Chief Technology Officer
With EURO1k we set completely new standards in the area of accuracy and actuality of weather forecasts for the entire Europe.

How Does EURO1k Work?

Boundary Conditions

The accuracy of a weather model heavily depends on its initial conditions, which is why quality inputs essential for precise calculations.

As EURO1k requires values from outside Europe for its boundary conditions, we utilize the ECMWF-IFS model, renowned for its superior forecast quality. The native resolution of this model typically ranges from 9 to 14 km.

Key specifications of ECMWF-IFS:

  • Spatial resolution: 0.1° (approximately 9 km)
  • Temporal resolution: up to 1 hour
  • Forecast lead time: 10 days (with detailed forecasts up to 90 hours at 6 and 18 UTC)
  • Frequency of updates: 4 times per day

Downscaling and Calibration

The outputs of our model calculations undergo post-processing through downscaling. We refine the already detailed 1 km-resolution data further to an impressive 90 m resolution. This enhancement is facilitated by incorporating the NASA terrain model into our calculations.

In the final stage, we calibrate the most recent observational data into our predictions to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Refine EURO1k's Output With Weather Data From Meteodrones

We are currently the only company in the world to collect atmospheric data with our self-developed weather drone system — the Meteodrones.

Upon request, we deploy our Meteodrones to areas with data gaps. For instance, if a verified model struggles with fog measurement, a drone station is strategically placed at that location to gather relevant data. These data are then integrated into EURO1k, significantly improving the forecast accuracy in the drone's vicinity.

MM Data Gap Illustration RGB 01

Technical Specifications:

  • Computing Effort: Approximately 40,000 CPUs needed, across 300 HPC VMs (nodes).
  • Data Storage Capacity: Around 20 GB per file, equating to 1.5 TB for each run (one model computation of EURO1k for 24 hours), which totals approximately 1000 TB per month.
  • Data Source: ECMWF, a mandatory and best practice source for global weather modeling.
  • Model Coverage in Grid Points: Approximately 4600 (north-south) x 4300 (east-west), resulting in around 20 million grid points.
  • Vertical Levels: 80 levels, with intervals of 10 - 100 meters steps/intervals.

How Does EURO1k Compare With Other Models?

EURO1k by Meteomatics: 1 km resolution

Precipitation and global radiation

Available Weather Data in the European Weather Model EURO1k

The European weather model EURO1k integrates measurement data from a variety of sources, including aircraft, ground stations, drones, radars, and satellites.

Accessible through a user-friendly interface, the model offers an extensive range of over 1800 parameters, encompassing both general and industry-specific weather variables.

Elevate Your Decision-Making and Gain a Competitive Edge With EURO1k

EURO1k is a premium high-resolution weather model for professional business users and organizations. It can be unlocked in the Meteomatics Weather API.

Complete the form below to talk to our team and explain your needs. We will then provide you with a bespoke quote for full access or for a trial period.

What Is the Meteomatics Weather API?

The Weather API is your doorway to the best-in-class global weather data compiling over 110 weather sources and models.

Make your business predictable by seamlessly accessing current weather data, weather forecasts, climate scenarios until 2100, historical weather data back to 1940, and industry-specific parameters and indices.

Martin Fengler - CEO at Meteomatics
Dr. Martin Fengler
CEO / Founder

Premium Weather Model for Professional Business Users and Organizations

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