Meteomatics Free Basic Weather API Account

500 queries per day, no time limit and 15 basic weather parameters

Our Free Basic package is ideal for testing our API or for enthusiasts. Please note that the basic weather data you receive through this access is strictly for non-commercial use only.

In our Free Basic package, you can access forecasts for up to 10 days ahead, as well as historical data spanning up to 24 hours in the past. The provided data has a resolution of 1 hour and 90 meters.

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Do you only need historical data?

Then use our Weather Data Shop or request a specific offer by emailing [email protected].

Not sure which of our services to choose?

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  • 500 queries per day (50 queries per minute, 10 queries in parallel)
  • 10-day forecast
  • 15 basic weather parameters (see list)
  • 1-hour temporal resolution and 90-meter spatial resolution (global coverage)
  • 24 hours of historical data
  • No time limit
  • Upgrades available

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Free Basic Weather API Account: Unlimited Use of Basic Weather Data

500 queries per day with no time limit and access to 15 basic parameters. To receive your access data via email, please complete the following fields.