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Sap press release hero
07/15/2024 / Meteomatics today announced that its Weather API solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The Weather API integrates with SAP HANA and delivers high-resolution, accurate, and reliable weather data to customers.
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07/09/2024 / Starting in July 2024, Durjoy Mazumdar will assume his new role as Head of Sales for North America at Meteomatics. He will develop and lead our sales efforts, solidifying Meteomatics' position as a premier provider of weather data solutions across the region.
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Noaa j U JOEZ2sa Q unsplash
06/11/2024 / A numerical weather model uses computer calculations and measured data, both local and remote, to predict the current and future states of the atmosphere. High-performance computers solve complex physical equations to produce high-resolution weather forecasts.
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Arsene m ovrejorde Bov Gw4div6 U unsplash
06/06/2024 / Meteomatics is proud to announce the launch of its Norwegian office. The company has appointed Arve Dahl Nielsen, a former executive at StormGeo, as the CEO of its newly formed division.
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Arve nielsen
06/04/2024 / Starting in June 2024, Arve Dahl Nielsen will assume his new role as Chief Revenue Officer at Meteomatics. He will develop and execute the Meteomatics Group’s go-to-market strategy to drive revenue growth, enhance market presence, and expand customer reach globally, with a focus on Europe and the United States.
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Meteobase fly
06/03/2024 / In collaboration with NORCE, Meteomatics is installing 30 Meteodrones and Meteobases across Norway in a multi-million euro project to future-proof the country against weather challenges.
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05/30/2024 / Meteomatics, in partnership with NOAA, GrandSKY, and Synoptic Data PBC, will deploy Meteodrones at GrandSKY Aviation Park, North Dakota, to enhance high-altitude weather forecasting. This collaboration marks a significant advance in integrating technology into weather forecasting.
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Wolfgang weiser rxd D0 h2p X0 unsplash
05/22/2024 / Starting today, our users can access AIFS, ECMWF’s AI-based model, via the Weather API. Similar to FourCastNet and GraphCast, AIFS has a resolution of 25 km and an update frequency of 6 hours. Its forecast horizon is 15 days.
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FALX header
05/15/2024 / Meteomatics is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with FALX, a leading AI and machine learning company specialising in precise energy forecasting for the renewable energy sector in Africa. As the need to transition to renewable energy reaches unprecedented levels, FALX has been developing best-in-class AI-powered forecasting systems to support the penetration of renewable energy across Africa.
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Mick haupt t U Myur I6ojw unsplash
05/03/2024 / Experts predict a highly active 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, with a near-record 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes due to warmer ocean temperatures and weather pattern changes. Read on for insights on the heightened risk to the U.S. and Caribbean.
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Wolfgang hasselmann j EJIM Qfyg Lk unsplash
05/02/2024 / We are happy to announce the integration of the FourCastNet and GraphCast AI models into the Meteomatics Weather API, complementing our suite of weather forecasting solutions.
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04/15/2024 / Funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe initiative, the MAGDA Project aims to develop improved weather forecasts and a hydrological model for agriculture. In this article, we explain how Meteomatics' Meteodrones are revolutionizing atmospheric sensing and their role within the MAGDA Project.
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Alev takil yc Ln Zi Jg3 Ts unsplash
04/02/2024 / Choosing a weather API can be challenging due to the many options available. At Meteomatics, we believe that the single most important consideration when choosing a weather API should be data quality. This article explains the key aspects of weather data quality and why we believe Meteomatics excels in all of them.
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Eclipse unsplash
03/26/2024 / Explore Meteomatics' groundbreaking approach to navigating solar power fluctuations during solar eclipses. With our innovative solar eclipse parameter, solar energy operators gain strategic advantage, optimizing power production and grid stability for the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse.
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NVIDIA without logo
03/19/2024 / Meteomatics, in collaboration with NVIDIA, will conduct initial pilots with three energy companies, ENGIE, Louis Dreyfus Company and TotalEnergies, to test their ability to consistently deliver weather forecasting within minutes, rather than hours. Following the initial pilots, Meteomatics will open its AI-powered weather data delivery service to the wider business community, with an immediate focus on renewable energy forecasting, the related insurance business and trading.
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Hero brook green supply 1
02/28/2024 / The weather is a primary driver of gas demand fluctuations in the U.K. In this story, discover how Brook Green Supply incorporates Composite Weather Variables (CWV), calculated by Meteomatics, to accurately forecast demand and enhance trading decisions.
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Hero scottish water
02/22/2024 / As weather conditions impact the water industry, Scottish Water heavily relies on weather data for a range of operational needs. In this article, discover how the company is using the Meteomatics Weather API to build automated PowerBI dashboards, resulting in more efficient and time-saving reporting and analysis.
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East of England Coop Hero
02/18/2024 / Weather has the power to shape consumers' spending habits, influencing what, where, and when they make purchases. For retailers, it's crucial to monitor weather changes to ensure their shelves are well-stocked and optimize revenue. In this use case, discover how the East of England Co-op uses the Meteomatics Weather API to manage inventory in over 125 grocery stores.
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Lockheed martin hero
02/01/2024 / Meteomatics announces the close of a strategic funding round from Lockheed Martin Ventures, the venture arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), a global security and aerospace company. This investment will enable Meteomatics to expand its work in industries including energy, aviation, insurance, defense, governments, and enter new markets.
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Copy of Web Logo Header Image 2
01/29/2024 / In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed the distinctive features of multiple weather APIs and compiled a list of the top-performing options currently available in the market.
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Ake widyastomo Kn W w Kq Ct Ys unsplash
01/23/2024 / We are happy to announce the integration of ERA5 reanalysis data dating back to 1940 into our Weather API. By utilizing additional historical data in conjunction with climate scenarios, users can now generate weather information dashboards that cover an extensive period of 160 years, from 1940 to 2100.
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Ron dauphin PP6 I 8d0jg0 unsplash
12/19/2023 / "Weather isn't just a topic for small talk; it's a pivotal factor in retail success.” In this article, we explore how Meteomatics leverages sophisticated weather forecasting tools to empower retailers, during the final week of holiday shopping. By tapping into these tools, retailers can strategically plan for a lucrative opportunity by accurately predicting weather patterns.
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Heidi bruce 65 Q Vud1t Uww unsplash
12/12/2023 / JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that has revolutionized the way weather data is consumed and utilized across various sectors. In this guide, learn how to retrieve and parse data from the Weather API in JSON format.
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Jonas I Gnid Ur N7oo unsplash 1
12/11/2023 / In this article, we explain how to read a weather map: learn how to read wind direction, wind barbs, isobars, fronts, cloud cover, air pressure and more.
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Mike uderevsky Jv P Zwbwcrk Y unsplash
11/27/2023 / A weather map is a graphical representation that displays weather conditions across a specific geographical area. The depicted weather events can pertain to the past, present, or future forecasts. Learn more about weather maps in this article.
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Nathalie reckinger VNE Vf FFT Tv8 unsplash
11/23/2023 / Getting Live Weather Data into ArcGIS: In this article we discuss the kinds of problems that ArcGIS can help you with, as well as how to get API data into ArcGIS and schedule regular updates so that your ArcGIS map always shows you an up-to-date forecast without the need for manual intervention.
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Cheniere hero
11/16/2023 / In this insightful live-streamed event, learn about the integral role of meteorology in the energy sector as experts from Meteomatics and Cheniere Energy discuss the impact of weather on energy management. Discover how accurate, data-driven forecasts are crucial for operational efficiency.
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Quality management wu yi u U05n H Zd X I unsplash
11/13/2023 / An API (Application Programming Interface) provides an interface for various programming languages that allows developers and programmers to integrate the data directly into their systems in the desired format in just a few steps.
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Purecontrol hero
10/30/2023 / In this use case, learn how Purecontrol integrates weather data from Meteomatics to forecast the impact of precipitation on sewage networks, resulting in an expected reduction in untreated water discharges into the environment of up to 70%.
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Open Air St Gallen 2
09/28/2023 / In the summer of 2023, Meteomatics’ meteorologists provided round the clock care for two of east Switzerland’s most happening festivals, the OpenAir St. Gallen and the SummerDays festival in Arbon. In this article, you’ll learn how our experienced meteorologists were instrumental in safeguarding the success of SummerDays.
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PXL 20230704 075647923
09/27/2023 / With a modeling resolution of one kilometer, EURO1k is designed to take account of local changes in orography and produce much more realistic weather forecasts in regions with rapidly varying surface elevation.
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Hurricane due to climate change 2023 01 05 02 21 38 utc
09/08/2023 / Hurricanes are amongst the most violent and damaging of Earth’s natural disasters. Fortunately the mechanisms which cause them to develop are well understood, and the behavior of a hurricane over its lifetime can be well predicted by modern weather models. In this article we describe what hurricanes are and how they are formed, as well as how weather data can be used to mitigate their impact.
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Noaa ie WH Xjj A Ew Y unsplash
09/06/2023 / Meteomatics offers the best weather API for Python, thanks to its exceptional Python connector, available to all users for free.
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09/06/2023 / Friends and colleagues from over 22 countries came together at the four star Berghotel Jägerhof, to share their cutting-edge work as well as beautiful views, delicious food and plentiful wine with each other.
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Meteomatics 2022 header image v1
08/17/2023 / Weather forecast APIs provide developers with the tools to integrate real-time weather data into their applications, websites and services. Discover the Meteomatics Weather Forecast API now.
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Transmission Lines
08/05/2023 / Trusted by 80% of Europe's top electricity firms, now in America. Our Swiss-engineered platform offers forecasts & predictions tailored to solar, wind, gas & oil sectors. Optimize operations, minimize risks, and maximize yields. Experience effortless, precise, affordable solutions!
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Heat Dangers
07/27/2023 / As record-breaking heat scorches a large swath of the U.S., Meteomatics North America CEO, Paul Walsh, discusses the escalating health risks and economic impacts with Fox Weather. Emphasizing the "Dome of Doom" phenomenon, he underscores the urgency of proactive education and data-driven measures to help prevent disaster.
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Tim oldenkamp doz Lu11 P Yz Q unsplash
07/19/2023 / Lucille Borlaza used Meteomatics data to study the effects of lockdown restrictions on the potential health implications of reducing the use of fuel-burning vehicles.
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Flood Cover
07/19/2023 / A study finds climate change is projected to result in a 52% surge in heavy rainfall events in the American Northeast. U.S. CEO Paul Walsh discusses the economic implications and heightened importance of dealing with what could be another billion-dollar disaster with Fox Weather.
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07/13/2023 / Despite El Niño, long-range forecasters at Colorado State University expect a busier Atlantic hurricane season, and now’s the time to prepare your business. Fox Weather invites Paul Walsh, CEO of Meteomatics North America, to share insights into the updated forecast.
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Schweizer hagel
07/11/2023 / In this article, you will discover how Schweizer Hagel uses Meteomatics' weather data to assess risks and determine insurance premiums while enhancing its operational efficiency.
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American public power association b Oeha Mcbaa E unsplash
07/10/2023 / We’re proud to share that 80% of the electricity companies with the highest power capacity in Europe have chosen the Meteomatics Weather API as their trusted source of weather data.
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Euro1k day ahead trading bastian pudill fmzloj66 SXI unsplash
06/29/2023 / Traders can rely on EURO1k for intraday and day-ahead forecasting thanks to its hourly updates and high resolution, which results in remarkably low model error within the first 6 to 12 hours after each initialization and makes it the best choice for short-term forecasts up to 48 hours.
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Drone north dakota
06/23/2023 / Together with our partner GrandSKY, we launched our first Meteodrone system at the GrandSKY aviation park, located at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, along with the North Dakota 1K weather model.
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HRN 2023 BRANDED header image
06/12/2023 / Home Repair Network's managers use Meteomatics’ MetX Claims tool to guarantee precise and dependable assessment of the damages to help home and property owners get back on their feet faster.
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Spottitt 2023 BRANDED header image v2 1
06/08/2023 / Meteomatics' weather data is now integrated into Spottitt’s Climate Conditions Monitoring module. This integration provides Spottitt's clients with high-resolution weather information, enabling them to monitor rapidly changing weather and climate conditions around their critical infrastructure.
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Wildfires malachi brooks co0q1 G Kx6xw unsplash
06/05/2023 / In this article, we explore why wildfires occur, how climate change is affecting their impact, and how to prepare for and manage wildfires.
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El nino yoda adaman 8wu O Ld N77 A4 unsplash
06/02/2023 / In this article we’ll explore the causes and consequences of El Niño on businesses and the economy, and discuss the possible implications for the planet during the coming event — and how to prepare for it.
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Anglian Watrer 2023 BRANDED header image v2
06/01/2023 / In this use case, learn how our precipitation data is helping Anglian Water analyze its storm-water regulators data and investigate its compliance with the goal of preventing events such as pollutions, leakage and water quality incidents.
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Weather api update april 2023 ali kazal tq L6 I Vm Wxc E unsplash
05/10/2023 / Discover some of the most recent updates to the Weather API.
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Drone flight ireland 2
04/27/2023 / Thanks to a cross boarder authorisation from the Irish aviation authority (IAA), the Meteomatics Meteodrone received an approval to fly up to 6 km during daytime.
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Retail weather analytics alexander kovacs GM Gdht Ye ROY unsplash
04/26/2023 / 4 Ways Retailers Can Use Meteomatics Precision Weather Data and AI to Plan for Cold Weather in Spring
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Paul Walsh
04/16/2023 / Meteomatics is proud to announce the launch of its North American division, Meteomatics North America. The company has appointed Paul Walsh, a former executive at The Weather Company, as the CEO of its newly formed division.
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How to use url creator jordan sanchez mj OH3 L Mjoe M unsplash
04/13/2023 / In this article you will learn all there is to know about the URL Creator from Meteomatics.
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Historical weather data api anita austvika yic N6e CBV7 M unsplash
04/13/2023 / Meteomatics offers access to a range of station data, radar and satellite imagery, historical forecasts and reanalyses.
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Weather api key yves moret unsplash
03/30/2023 / Use a username and a password as your Weather API key to gain access to Meteomatics weather data.
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Historical weather data what was the weather on a certain date
03/20/2023 / What was the weather on a certain date? Here we explain what kinds of historical weather data exist, where to get them from, and how Meteomatics can help you on your journey.
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Cacao plant
03/16/2023 / How cocoa traders can use Meteomatics' weather and climate data to gain a better understanding of its effects on cocoa production.
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IMG 4248 1
02/27/2023 / We are thrilled to announce that we have received the EN 9100 standard accreditation from the British Standards Institution Group (BSI Group).
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02/13/2023 / Our Meteodrones' rescue parachute system has been given M2 Mitigation approval by FOCA, enabling us to expand our operational volume to include populated areas!
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Causes and effects climate change
02/07/2023 / Barbara Scherrer and Thomas Eldridge, two of our meteorologists, provide further insight on climate change in this interview.
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Weather data for defense
02/07/2023 / Meteomatics' technology improves the accuracy of weather forecasts with in-house developed weather drones and a high-resolution European weather model, helping ensure the success of operations in the air, on land, and at sea.
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ARIS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
12/19/2022 / Meteomatics Supports Future Swiss Aerospace Engineers With Weather Data
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Meteomatics 2022 unisphere header image v2
11/30/2022 / Thanks to Meteomatics' high-resolution weather data used in Unisphere's flight management software, Unisphere is improving the safety and efficiency of drone and air taxi flight operations.
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Can you get sick from cold weather zurich autumn
11/03/2022 / How Cold Weather Affects Your Health
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Iff campus macae
11/02/2022 / Alex Tavares Silva and Larissa Carneiro Rangel from the Fluminense Federal Institute in Brazil explain how they use weather data to study how to better monitor heavy precipitation and mitigate the impacts of flooding.
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Thomas morse cu K Ka0v WZSY unsplash
10/28/2022 / October 2022 was warmer than average in many central European countries. This had a strong impact on energy demand. Next week, a significant change in weather is imminent, which will also increase the demand for energy again.
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Verkehrshaus Luzern
10/24/2022 / Meteomatics’ Meteodrone SUI-9999 is now displayed at the Swiss Museum of Transport.
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ETH 2022 BRANDED header image v2 min
10/11/2022 / Clouds are one of the main elements that regulate Earth’s climate. Understanding cloud microphysics is thus paramount to more precise climate projections. In this story, we explain how ETH Zurich’s researchers are using Meteodrones to conduct cloud seeding experiments to study cloud-aerosol interactions and precipitation events.
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Weather station at the top of Mont Ventoux
10/04/2022 / Meteomatics Integrates Weather Data From Over 1900 New Stations in France and Austria
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Space Apps 2022 BRANDED header image v2
09/26/2022 / Meteomatics Supports NASA’s 2022 Hackathon With Free Weather Data
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RMUS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
09/20/2022 / RMUS Canada is the leading unmanned solutions provider offering sales, support and training in Canada. Thus, RMUS Canada is the perfect partner for Meteomatics to introduce our Meteodrone technology to the Canadian market.
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Bart ros Wc GVO1jq4 U unsplash
08/24/2022 / How to use pysheds to predict flood extents
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Brazil weather data station
07/21/2022 / Meteomatics Integrates Weather Data From Over 750 New Stations in Brazil
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Martin sanchez yc G0 A6 Dlv Ok unsplash
07/15/2022 / How to delineate river catchment areas for flood modelling using pysheds
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Navily 2022 BRANDED header image v2
07/07/2022 / As the summer season starts, recreational boaters set sail. To make their lives easier and their journey safer, Navily offers a recommendation score for anchorages across the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. In this article, we explain how Meteomatics helps Navily create its recommendation scores, and inform its users about the weather conditions.
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Toyota 2022 BRANDED header image v2
07/04/2022 / Weather conditions influence energy consumption in industrial facilities, affecting companies’ operations planning. In this article, we describe how Meteomatics' Weather API helps Toyota manage energy consumption in its European assembly plants and factories, thereby contributing to the conservation of the environment and making financial savings at the same time.
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Europe orbit daylight meteomatics euro1k
06/08/2022 / Meteomatics is the first company worldwide to calculate a Europe-wide weather model with a spatial resolution of one kilometer. Hourly model calculations provide the most up-to-date forecasts every hour, which also sets new standards in terms of forecast actuality.
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Alantra 2022 BRANDED header image v2
05/31/2022 / Meteomatics raises 13.5m CHF in a Series B financing round led by Klima Energy Transition Fund.
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Tshwane university solar powered car
05/16/2022 / Race Across South Africa to Namibia With Solar-Powered Car Optimized by Meteomatics Weather Data.
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SWM 2022 BRANDED header image v2
04/07/2022 / Meteomatics' solar power forecasts improve Stadtwerke München's day-to-day electricity trading business and optimize the integration of solar power into the electricity market.
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BKW BRANDED header image v2
04/05/2022 / The weather has a considerable influence on the production of renewable energies. As a relevant influencing factor, it thus affects forecasts for electricity production and also has an impact on electricity trading and the associated sales. In this article, you will learn how the Meteomatics Weather API makes the procurement of weather data at BKW easier, faster and more flexible, thus facilitating the integration of renewable energies into the electricity market.
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Chatbot volodymyr hryshchenko V5vq WC9gy EU unsplash
03/07/2022 / Using Google's Dialogueflow to Create an AI Chatbot
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Coffee plantation
03/02/2022 / Varginha, Currency, Herb: How Changing Weather Patterns Created a Brazil Coffee Shortage Which Damages the Local Economy.
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PXL 20220215 094438416 MP
02/02/2022 / Reaching for the Vertical: Autonomous Meteodrone Missions with the Meteobase.
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Ogre 2022 BRANDED header image v2
02/01/2022 / uses Meteomatics’ RESTful API to access one of the world's richest and most accurate weather databases. Meteomatics forecasts are now a key component of Ogre’s ML & AI process: used to generate precise power forecasts and solve key challenges of energy companies across multiple sectors.
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Airbus 2022 BRANDED header image v2
01/26/2022 / Zephyr, developed by Airbus Defence and Space, offers advanced see, sense, and connectivity capabilities for various customers. This solar-powered, carbon-neutral system relies on high-quality weather data for safe navigation, especially during ascent and descent. Meteomatics provides essential weather data to support Zephyr's operations at all altitudes.
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Kelvin yan W Wl6xa SHF Io unsplash
01/26/2022 / How to find the most reliable API data for your usage
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12/22/2021 / A discussion of the merits of a new programming language, and a new connector to the API
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Martin Fengler - CEO at Meteomatics
12/15/2021 / Interview With Dr. Martin Fengler: Meteomatics' Approach Offers Unprecedented Accuracy of Weather Forecasts.
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2021 review kristin wilson z3htkd H Uh5w unsplash
12/15/2021 / A Review of 2021: Delivering Trillions of Weather Insights to Customers Across the Globe.
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Lightly 2022 BRANDED header image v2
12/14/2021 / Predicting Rain from Satellite Images!
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Heimdall Power BRANDED header image v2
12/08/2021 / Weather is one of the strongest factors influencing the capacity of power lines. Therefore, it is of utmost relevance for grid operators to know the current and future weather factors in detail, so that bottlenecks can be prevented, and a dynamic and efficient grid operation is possible. Using senso data from power lines in combination with data from Meteomatics, Heimdall Power can deliver an average increase of 25% in transmission capacity of high-voltage power lines. In this article you will learn how Heimdall was able to realize this improvement.
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OSI soft 2022 BRANDED header image v2
12/08/2021 / Actemium successfully integrated Meteomatics' weather data API into OSIsoft's PI system. This enables customers to easily integrate Meteomatics weather data directly into their own ERP and data management systems. Actemium was thus able to facilitate the use of Meteomatics weather data for an energy utility company that will use Meteomatics' high-quality data for its energy services in locations with very high temperatures.
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Python energy markus winkler tzf D clz UTU unsplash
11/26/2021 / How to Program a Python Script for Regular Energy Weather Forecasting with Meteomatics Weather API
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Lasseter winery as G1 QS Dvb4g unsplash
11/18/2021 / The Great Grape Squeeze: Severe Weather and Rising Demand for Wine
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Nicolas j leclercq 6 Q Wdec F Ky YA unsplash
11/09/2021 / How to develop a weather data voice assistant with Python
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GW Dimage001
10/21/2021 / Meteomatics’ API Powers the Girls Who Dare to Break a Rowing World Record.
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Sunflower labs 2022 BRANDED header image v2
10/19/2021 / Sunflower Labs uses Meteomatics' Weather API to access hyperlocal real-time and forecast weather data, to enable Sunflower Labs’ drones to reliably and autonomously determine whether a planned flight is safe under current and future weather conditions. A prerequisite for operating drones autonomously. Learn why Sunflower Labs chose Meteomatics' API here.
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Hive Power 2022 BRANDED header image v2
10/14/2021 / The findings are stunning: the most accurate weather data and forecasts lead to superior energy generation and consumption forecasts, allowing companies to optimize their energy management, resulting in valuable cost savings, reduced planning risks and better decision making. In this story you will learn how Hive Power realizes these benefits with weather data provided by Meteomatics Weather API.
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ITEC 2022 BRANDED header image v2
10/11/2021 / Leicom ITEC AG, a member of the Leicom Group, has developed a software driver for the integration of weather data into the Niagara building automation framework.
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Museum ian dooley ZL Bz M Gle n E unsplash
10/01/2021 / Machine Learning and Forecasting: How Does Weather Affect Consumer Behavior and Production Volumes?
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ABS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
09/06/2021 / ABS Wavesight is adding on-demand, high-resolution historical and forecast weather data on its ABS My Digital Fleet™ risk management platform together with Meteomatics.
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Meteomatics Climate Impact00003
08/12/2021 / Climate Change May Double Area Annually Burned by Wildfires in California Within the Next 30 Years
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Coffee plantagion brazil
08/05/2021 / Knowing about climate and weather impacts on agriculture land in advance leads to several benefits. How Will Climate Change Impact You? Get Data-Based Evidence Now!
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With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
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Only you know which types of weather pose the greatest risks to your business. That's why we've developed a highly customizable weather warning system, ensuring that every notification you receive is pertinent to your operations.
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EURO1k is an exceptional high-resolution numerical weather model developed by Meteomatics, covering Europe and parts of North Africa with a 1-kilometer resolution. It is the first and only model in Europe to achieve such fine resolution, accurately capturing even the smallest meteorological phenomena, including thunderstorms, hail, and storms.
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Our patented Meteodrones offer an innovative method to collect weather data from the lower and middle atmosphere. Able to fly anytime anywhere, cost-effective, and sustainable, Meteodrones introduce a new era of precision in meteorology.
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Visualize all weather events in a high-resolution map view — with our web-based weather map tool MetX based on the Weather API.
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