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Historical weather data what was the weather on a certain date
Historical Weather Data
03/20/2023 / What was the weather on a certain date? Here we explain what kinds of historical weather data exist, where to get them from, and how Meteomatics can help you on your journey.
Cacao plant
Cocoa Trading
03/16/2023 / How cocoa traders can use Meteomatics' weather and climate data to gain a better understanding of its effects on cocoa production.
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EN9100 Accreditation
02/27/2023 / We are thrilled to announce that we have received the EN 9100 standard accreditation from the British Standards Institution Group (BSI Group).
Meteomatics’ Rescue Parachute Approved as M2 Mitigation
02/13/2023 / Our Meteodrones' rescue parachute system has been given M2 Mitigation approval by FOCA, enabling us to expand our operational volume to include populated areas!
Causes and effects climate change
Causes and Effects of Climate Change
02/07/2023 / Barbara Scherrer and Thomas Eldridge, two of our meteorologists, provide further insight on climate change in this interview.
Weather data for defense
Defence Applications
02/07/2023 / Meteomatics' technology improves the accuracy of weather forecasts with in-house developed weather drones and a high-resolution European weather model, helping ensure the success of operations in the air, on land, and at sea.
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Swiss Academic Space Initiative (ARIS)
12/19/2022 / Meteomatics Supports Future Swiss Aerospace Engineers With Weather Data
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11/30/2022 / Meteomatics provides high-resolution weather data for Unisphere's flight management software.
Can you get sick from cold weather zurich autumn
Under the Weather
11/03/2022 / How Cold Weather Affects Your Health
Iff campus macae
Ask an Academic
11/02/2022 / Alex Tavares Silva and Larissa Carneiro Rangel from the Fluminense Federal Institute in Brazil explain how they use weather data to study how to better monitor heavy precipitation and mitigate the impacts of flooding.
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Autumn returns after record October
10/28/2022 / October 2022 was warmer than average in many central European countries. This had a strong impact on energy demand. Next week, a significant change in weather is imminent, which will also increase the demand for energy again.
Verkehrshaus Luzern
Swiss Museum of Transport
10/24/2022 / Meteomatics’ Meteodrone SUI-9999 is now displayed at the Swiss Museum of Transport.
ETH 2022 BRANDED header image v2 min
ETH Zurich
10/11/2022 / ETH Zurich’s Researchers Are Flying Meteomatics’ Weather Drones Into the Clouds
Weather station at the top of Mont Ventoux
France and Austria Weather Stations
10/04/2022 / Meteomatics Integrates Weather Data From Over 1900 New Stations in France and Austria
Space Apps 2022 BRANDED header image v2
NASA's 2022 Hackathon
09/26/2022 / Meteomatics Supports NASA’s 2022 Hackathon With Free Weather Data
RMUS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Partnership with RMUS Canada
09/20/2022 / RMUS Canada is the leading unmanned solutions provider offering sales, support and training in Canada. Thus, RMUS Canada is the perfect partner for Meteomatics to introduce our Meteodrone technology to the Canadian market.
Brazil weather data station
Brazil Weather Stations
07/21/2022 / Meteomatics Integrates Weather Data From Over 750 New Stations in Brazil
Navily 2022 BRANDED header image v2
07/07/2022 / Weather Data Helps Navily’s Users Choose the Best Anchorages
Toyota 2022 BRANDED header image v2
07/04/2022 / Weather Data Helps Toyota Optimize Energy Consumption at Its Plants in Europe
Europe orbit daylight meteomatics euro1k
European weather model EURO1k
06/08/2022 / Meteomatics is the first company worldwide to calculate a Europe-wide weather model with a spatial resolution of one kilometer. Hourly model calculations provide the most up-to-date forecasts every hour, which also sets new standards in terms of forecast actuality.
Alantra 2022 BRANDED header image v2
New Funding
05/31/2022 / Meteomatics raises 13.5m CHF in a Series B financing round led by Klima Energy Transition Fund.
Tshwane university solar powered car
Tshwane University
05/16/2022 / Race Across South Africa to Namibia With Solar-Powered Car Optimized by Meteomatics Weather Data.
SWM 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Stadtwerke Munich
04/07/2022 / Meteomatics' solar power forecasts improve Stadtwerke München's day-to-day electricity trading business and optimize the integration of solar power into the electricity market.
BKW BRANDED header image v2
04/05/2022 / More Flexible, Faster and More Efficient: How BKW Benefits From the Meteomatics Weather API.
Coffee plantation
Brazil Coffee Shortage
03/02/2022 / Varginha, Currency, Herb: How Changing Weather Patterns Created a Brazil Coffee Shortage Which Damages the Local Economy.
PXL 20220215 094438416 MP
02/02/2022 / Reaching for the Vertical: Autonomous Meteodrone Missions with the Meteobase.
Ogre 2022 BRANDED header image v2
02/01/2022 / Ogre.AI Realizes Significant Costs Savings in the Energy Industry by Integrating Meteomatics Api into Its Power Forecasts
Airbus 2022 BRANDED header image v2
01/26/2022 / Airbus Zephyr Goes Beyond the Troposphere - Made Possible by High-Quality Weather Data from Meteomatics
Martin Fengler - CEO at Meteomatics
CEO Interview
12/15/2021 / Interview With Dr. Martin Fengler: Meteomatics' Approach Offers Unprecedented Accuracy of Weather Forecasts.
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Review 2021
12/15/2021 / A Review of 2021: Delivering Trillions of Weather Insights to Customers Across the Globe.
Lightly 2022 BRANDED header image v2
12/14/2021 / Predicting Rain from Satellite Images!
Heimdall Power BRANDED header image v2
Heimdall Power
12/08/2021 / Heimdall Power Increases Transmission Capacity of High-Voltage Power Lines by 25% on Average Using Weather Data from Meteomatics
OSI soft 2022 BRANDED header image v2
12/08/2021 / Successful Integration of Meteomatics Weather Data into Pi System Enables Numerous New Use Cases for Osisoft Users
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The Great Grape Squeeze
11/18/2021 / The Great Grape Squeeze: Severe Weather and Rising Demand for Wine
GW Dimage001
Girls Who Dare
10/21/2021 / Meteomatics’ Api Powers the Girls Who Dare to Break a Rowing World Record.
Sunflower labs 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Sunflower Labs
10/19/2021 / Safe Autonomous Flying - Thanks to Data from Meteomatics’ Api
Hive Power 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Hive Power
10/14/2021 / Higher Accuracy Leads to Improved Machine Learning for Energy Forecasting! Hive Power Reveals the Results of Its Weather Forecast Verification.
ITEC 2022 BRANDED header image v2
10/11/2021 / More Efficient Building Automation Thanks to High-Quality Weather Data!
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Machine Learning
10/01/2021 / Machine Learning and Forecasting: How Does Weather Affect Consumer Behavior and Production Volumes?
ABS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
09/06/2021 / Meteomatics Data Improves ABS’s Navigational Safety and Sustainable Shipping
Meteomatics Climate Impact00003
Wildfires in California
08/12/2021 / Climate Change May Double Area Annually Burned by Wildfires in California Within the Next 30 Years
Coffee plantagion brazil
Climate Change & Coffee Production
08/05/2021 / Knowing about climate and weather impacts on agriculture land in advance leads to several benefits. How Will Climate Change Impact You? Get Data-Based Evidence Now!
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Precise Weather Data
We combine existing weather data with unique technologies and the skills of our weather and data scientists to bring you the most accurate weather data.
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Weather Data Shop
If you only need one-time access to certain weather data, you can directly download individual weather data sets from our weather data shop. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of current and historical weather data as well as sector-specific weather parameters.
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Weather API
With our weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
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European weather model at 1 km resolution: get accurate weather forecasts across Europe and make better decisions.
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Visualise Weather
Visualise all weather events in a high-resolution map view - with our web-based weather map tool MetX based on the Weather API.
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Energy Forecasting
Energy forecasts for solar, wind and hydropower - based on the world's most accurate weather data.
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Closing the meteorological data gap in the Earth's lower atmosphere with Meteodrones. Designed and assembled in Switzerland.
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Meteobase - the home of our Meteodrone. The Meteobase is the perfect partner and home for our weather drones to measure weather data at any location.
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Melanie Luther
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