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Free Weather App for Android and iOS

Accurate weather forecasts for any location, right at your fingertips

Meteomatics is the global leader in weather intelligence, providing the most accurate weather data for any location at any time to hundreds of businesses.

With our app for Android and iOS, we're now bringing to you the power of our Weather API completely free of charge and ad-free, catering to your essential daily weather needs.

Plan Your Week With Confidence Using Our 7-Day Weather Forecasts

Stay one step ahead of the elements, knowing what to expect in terms of temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. With our reliable data and user-friendly interface, you'll gain valuable insights into the upcoming week, ensuring you're ready for any weather eventuality. Don't let unpredictable weather catch you off guard — trust our app to be your ultimate weather companion!


  • Global data coverage
  • Temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Precipitation data, including rainfall, snow and hail
  • Precipitation radar / nowcast for the next two hours
  • Wind direction and wind speed in km/h, m/s, kn or mph
  • Overall weather conditions conveyed by intuitive icons and charts
  • Sunshine duration
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • High-resolution weather map showing precipitation and temperature forecasts for the entire globe
  • Possibility to create a list of favorite locations and easily switch between them
  • Interface in English or German
  • A comprehensive onboarding experience


Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use the Meteomatics Weather App

1. What is the goal of the Meteomatics Weather App?

The goal of the Meteomatics Weather App is to provide users with easily accessible and up-to-date weather information on their mobile devices. We aim to deliver accurate current weather conditions and forecasts in a user-friendly interface, allowing our users to make decisions based on the weather conditions, whether it's planning outdoor activities, dressing appropriately, or preparing for severe weather events.

2. Where can I download the Meteomatics Weather App?

The app can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple devices or from the Google Play store for Android. Follow the links below or simply search for Meteomatics in the store.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

3. Is the Meteomatics Weather App free?

Yes, absolutely! The Meteomatics Weather App is completely free for you to use, and we have ensured that it is ad-free, so you can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted weather experience.

4. Is there a premium version of the Meteomatics Weather App available?

Not yet, but we plan to launch a premium version soon. Stay tuned!

5. What geographical regions are covered by the Meteomatics Weather App?

The data in the app has global coverage.

6. What is included in the Meteomatics Weather App?

The app includes option to view the forecast for a given location on a daily basis with a lead time of one week, as well as the option to browse a 2D map with time navigation in five-minute intervals.

Have a look at our list of features for more detailed information.

7. How do I read the graphs?

The first graph shows the overall conditions as icons, as well as a line showing the temperature over the course of the day. In the event of precipitation, blue bars at the bottom of the graph will also show how much precipitation falls per hour. You can see what kind of precipitation this is by comparing it to the icons.

The second graph includes a dark blue line, showing the average wind speed for each three hours interval, and a light blue line showing the maximum wind speed (the gust) within the same interval. The arrows at the top of the graph show the average direction of the wind.

8. How do I navigate between days in the daily forecast?

On the light blue bar immediately under the map, you can swipe left and right to select any of the next seven days. A light blue line shows which day is currently selected.

9. How do I use the Map tab?

The Map tab allows you to navigate using a 2D map to any location of interest. It is useful for getting a feel of the weather conditions in a general area. You can choose to view precipitation (rain, snow, hail) or temperature by selecting the corresponding icon in the top-left. In the top-right you can click the ruler icon to show a color scale.

10. What is the difference between wind speed and wind gusts?

Wind speed is the average over the period of interest (three hours); the gust speed is the speed of the maximum gust during the same period.

11. Can I change the units for temperature/wind speed?

Yes, simply head to the Settings tab and select the unit you want to change.

12. How often is the data in the app refreshed?

Every five minutes.

13. How can I refresh the data?

Simply use the “pull to refresh” gesture: Just scroll down on the screen and release to trigger a refresh. This action prompts the app to retrieve the latest weather information.

14. How accurate is the data in the app?

The accuracy of the data in the Meteomatics Weather App is of utmost importance to us. Our app utilizes advanced algorithms and technology to provide the most reliable weather information available. However, it's important to note that weather forecasting is a complex science, and there are inherent limitations and uncertainties involved. Weather conditions can change rapidly, and localized variations can occur.

15. How can I add or remove a favorite location?

To add a favorite location: In the Search tab you can type text to find a location. When the location you want appears in the list of options, you can use the heart button on the left to add it to your favorites.

To remove a favorite location: In the Search tab, you can simply unselect the heart from the location. Alternatively, at the bottom of the Favorites tab, simply click on the button "Remove from favorites".

16. The place name I’m interested in is shared by several locations. How can I make sure I chose the right one?

Clicking on the location name in the Search tab will take you to the current weather screen for that location. Here you’ll see a map with your location at the center. Zoom out to verify that this is the place you’re looking for.

17. How can I change between my favorite locations?

On the Favorites tab, on the blue banner at the top of the screen, you can see circular dots next to the arrow icon for each location that you’ve added to your favorites. Swipe left or right to switch between them; swiping all the way left will show your current location.

18. How can I change the order of my favorites?

Your favorites appear from left to right at the top of the screen in the order in which you added them — to change the order, remove them from your favorites and add them again in the order you want.

19. Why is the radar forecast only for the next two hours?

Radar is an observation which involves firing beams of radio waves into the air and measuring the reflectivity of the beam along its path. It can only be used to observe the current conditions, and these can only be extrapolated into reliable predictions for a short-range forecast. After two hours, our weather models take over.

20. How can I allow/disable the use of my current location within the app?

On Android devices, open your Settings app and navigate to Location > App permissions. Find the Meteomatics Weather App in your list of apps and select it to view and edit the location settings.

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