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  • Quick and easy access to the world's most accurate weather, marine, environmental and climate data for every coordinate on Earth
  • Historical, real-time, short-term, and seasonal forecasts, as well as climate projections and oceanic data
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  • Unparalleled accessibility, speed and accuracy

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Get Access to the Weather API

Packages and Pricing

Get access to:

  • Current weather data
  • Historical data
  • Weather forecasts
  • Industry-specific parameters and indices

Pay Per Dataset

If you require specific historical datasets, current data, or weather forecasts, you can conveniently obtain and download individual datasets directly from our Weather Data Shop.

Weather API Trial

Free for 14 Days

With a free trial account, you have the opportunity to explore the full range of our Weather API's features.

Please note that historical weather data and climate data are not accessible in the trial version.

When you're ready for unlimited access to all information, you can seamlessly upgrade to the paid full version of the Business API package.

Free Basic API Package

Testing & Enthusiasm

Use: Non-commercial projects

  • Up to 500 queries per day

  • 15 basic weather parameters

  • Forecast period of up to 10 days

  • Historical data for the past 24 hours

  • Global resolution of 1 hour and 90 meters

  • Support available via e-mail


Business API Package

Business Use

Use: Commercial

  • Individually coordinated queries

  • Over 1800 parameters

  • Deterministic forecast for up to 15 days

  • Extended forecasts for up to 46 days

  • Ensemble trend forecast for up to 7 months

  • Climate projections up to the year 2100

  • Historical data dating back to 1979, including historical forecast data

  • Global resolution of 5 minutes and 90 meters

  • Support available 24/7

Price based on configuration
Alex Pachikov
Alex Pachikov
Sunflower Labs Inc.

Client Testimonial

Meteomatics provides the perfect solution for our needs. The data has been accurate, complete, easy to process and 100% reliable in all the time that we have used it.

The Weather API From Meteomatics

  • SaaS: We provide the API and the IT infrastructure — you use the API

  • Fast, direct and easy access to worldwide weather, environmental, climate, ocean and water data

  • Model (ECMWF, UKMO, etc.), station, satellite, radar and lightning data

  • Self-developed and high-resolution weather models for unique forecast quality

  • Over 1800 different weather, ocean and environmental parameters

  • Forecast data, ensemble and trend forecasts, forecasts up to seven months

  • Climate data including climate scenarios up to the year 2100

  • Historical data from 1979 onwards and historical forecast data

  • A detailed and constantly updated documentation on API use

  • A flexible, fast and scalable environment: updates without rewriting code

  • Constant extensions and updates with new data sources and sector-specific parameters

Advantages Over Other Providers

  • One source, one interface: Query multiple parameters simultaneously for a single or for multiple sites, routes and areas

  • Query data in real time with a response time of a few milliseconds

  • Real-time access to over seven petabytes thanks to unique data processing technology (Meteocache)

  • "On the fly" downscaling using topographic maps enables 90-meter resolution worldwide, vastly improving accuracy at the local level

  • High resolution of data per minute

  • Highest data quality: Over 1640 updates per day ensure accuracy and timeliness

Martin Fengler - CEO at Meteomatics
Dr. Martin Fengler
CEO / Founder

Single API Endpoint

The Weather API is the centralized access point to a database of global weather data — for any application, industry, institution and national weather service — providing faster and more efficient access compared to traditional weather database systems.

Learn From Our Use Cases

The successful use of our weather API in past projects underlines the quality of our work. In complex use cases, we manage to deliver highly up-to-date and precise weather data and weather forecasts: individually tailored with the data that is really needed.

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Stadtwerke Munich
Meteomatics' solar power forecasts improve Stadtwerke München's day-to-day electricity trading business and optimize the integration of solar power into the electricity market.
BKW BRANDED header image v2
More Flexible, Faster and More Efficient: How BKW Benefits From the Meteomatics Weather API.
Ogre 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Ogre.AI Realizes Significant Costs Savings in the Energy Industry by Integrating Meteomatics Api into Its Power Forecasts
Airbus 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Airbus Zephyr Goes Beyond the Troposphere - Made Possible by High-Quality Weather Data from Meteomatics
Heimdall Power BRANDED header image v2
Heimdall Power
Heimdall Power Increases Transmission Capacity of High-Voltage Power Lines by 25% on Average Using Weather Data from Meteomatics
OSI soft 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Successful Integration of Meteomatics Weather Data into Pi System Enables Numerous New Use Cases for Osisoft Users
Sunflower labs 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Sunflower Labs
Safe Autonomous Flying - Thanks to Data from Meteomatics’ API
Hive Power 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Hive Power
Higher Accuracy Leads to Improved Machine Learning for Energy Forecasting! Hive Power Reveals the Results of Its Weather Forecast Verification.
ABS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Meteomatics Data Improves ABS’s Navigational Safety and Sustainable Shipping
ITEC 2022 BRANDED header image v2
More Efficient Building Automation Thanks to High-Quality Weather Data!


Watch the video to learn how the Meteomatics Weather API makes the procurement of weather data at BKW easier, faster and more flexible, thus facilitating the integration of renewable energies into the electricity market.

You can also read the story here.

About the Weather API

Discover all about the Weather API from Meteomatics: the technical details, integration possibilities, data collection methods, and more.

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Technical Details
Discover all the technical details that allow the Meteomatics Weather API to deliver the best-in-class weather data.
Noaa p9 BRX1m Bfe4 unsplash
The Meteomatics Weather API delivers complex weather data in a user-friendly format, aiming to simplify the integration of this data into existing workflows.
Icon on Picture rainy cloud large
Data Collection
We combine existing weather data with unique technologies and the skills of our weather and data scientists to bring you the most accurate weather data.
Weather api key yves moret unsplash
Weather API Key
Use a username and a password as your Weather API key to gain access to Meteomatics weather data.
Max larochelle uu Jw5 Sun YI unsplash
Obtaining weather data through our Weather API is easy using the URL creator, which generates URLs with properties that consistently follow the same structure.

How to Use Weather API

Discover the full potential of weather data with our guide on how to use weather API. Our collection of blog articles covers API basics to advanced techniques, allowing you to harness the power of weather data for your personal or business projects.

PXL 20230704 075647923
EURO1k for Alpine Adventures
09/27/2023 / In July 2023, Tech Evangelist Tom Eldridge headed off to test his mettle and the EURO1k weather model in Italy’s best climbing destination, the Dolomites. Learn why EURO1k is perfect for such excursions.
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Best Weather APIs
07/13/2023 / In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed the distinctive features of multiple weather APIs and compiled a list of the top-performing options currently available in the market.
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Leading Electricity Companies Choose Meteomatics
07/10/2023 / We’re proud to share that 80% of the electricity companies with the highest power capacity in Europe have chosen the Meteomatics Weather API as their trusted source of weather data.
Weather api update april 2023 ali kazal tq L6 I Vm Wxc E unsplash
Update April 2023
05/10/2023 / Discover some of the most recent updates to the Weather API.
How to use url creator jordan sanchez mj OH3 L Mjoe M unsplash
URL Creator
04/13/2023 / In this article you will learn all there is to know about the URL Creator from Meteomatics.
Historical weather data what was the weather on a certain date
The Weather on a Certain Date
03/20/2023 / What was the weather on a certain date? Here we explain what kinds of historical weather data exist, where to get them from, and how Meteomatics can help you on your journey.
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Flood Modelling Part 2
08/24/2022 / How to use pysheds to predict flood extents
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Flood Modelling Part 1
07/15/2022 / How to delineate river catchment areas for flood modelling using pysheds
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Google's Dialogueflow
03/07/2022 / Using Google's Dialogueflow to Create an AI Chatbot
Kelvin yan W Wl6xa SHF Io unsplash
Comparing Weather Data Sources
01/26/2022 / How to find the most reliable API data for your usage
Matthias Piot - Meteorologist and Client Manager
Dr. Matthias Piot
Meteorologist and Client Manager

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