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Our approach combines exclusive, custom-built Meteodrones and robust algorithms, harnessing diverse data for unmatched precision.

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Customer & Product Video Stories

URL Creator

In our latest video, we discover how George Randolph utilizes Meteomatics' URL Creator for precise hail measurements, optimizing crew responses, and reducing operational costs.

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Explore Our Services

We provide the most accurate weather data for any location, at any time, to improve your business.

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With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
Explore the Weather API
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Only you know which types of weather pose the greatest risks to your business. That's why we've developed a highly customizable weather warning system, ensuring that every notification you receive is pertinent to your operations.
Learn more
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If you only need one-time access to certain weather data, you can directly download individual weather data sets from our weather data shop. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of current and historical weather data as well as sector-specific weather parameters.
Explore Data Shop
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EURO1k is an exceptional high-resolution numerical weather model developed by Meteomatics, covering Europe and parts of North Africa with a 1-kilometer resolution. It is the first and only model in Europe to achieve such fine resolution, accurately capturing even the smallest meteorological phenomena, including thunderstorms, hail, and storms.
More about EURO1k
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Our patented Meteodrones offer an innovative method to collect weather data from the lower and middle atmosphere. Able to fly anytime anywhere, cost-effective, and sustainable, Meteodrones introduce a new era of precision in meteorology.
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Visualize all weather events in a high-resolution map view — with our web-based weather map tool MetX based on the Weather API.
MetX Weather Visualization
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Energy forecasts for solar, wind and hydropower - based on the world's most accurate weather data.
Explore Energy Forecasts
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We combine existing weather data with unique technologies and the skills of our weather and data scientists to bring you the most accurate weather data.
Data Collection
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Dan Sommerhouser KC Royals
Daniel Sommerhauser
Director of Business Analytics
Kansas City Royals
Meteomatics’ weather forecast intelligence is a pivotal component of several of our business analytic processes (i.e. attendance and revenue forecasts).

Learn From Our Customer Stories

This is how we deliver unique value to our clients' business.

Cheniere hero
In this insightful live-streamed event, learn about the integral role of meteorology in the energy sector as experts from Meteomatics and Cheniere Energy discuss the impact of weather on energy management. Discover how accurate, data-driven forecasts are crucial for operational efficiency.
Learn more
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ABS Wavesight is adding on-demand, high-resolution historical and forecast weather data on its ABS My Digital Fleet™ risk management platform together with Meteomatics.
Learn more
Toyota 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Weather conditions influence energy consumption in industrial facilities, affecting companies’ operations planning. In this article, we describe how Meteomatics' Weather API helps Toyota manage energy consumption in its European assembly plants and factories, thereby contributing to the conservation of the environment and making financial savings at the same time.
Learn more
Airbus 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Zephyr, developed by Airbus Defence and Space, offers advanced see, sense, and connectivity capabilities for various customers. This solar-powered, carbon-neutral system relies on high-quality weather data for safe navigation, especially during ascent and descent. Meteomatics provides essential weather data to support Zephyr's operations at all altitudes.
Learn more
Anglian Watrer 2023 BRANDED header image v2
In this use case, learn how our precipitation data is helping Anglian Water analyze its storm-water regulators data and investigate its compliance with the goal of preventing events such as pollutions, leakage and water quality incidents.
Learn more
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Weather is one of the strongest factors influencing the capacity of power lines. Therefore, it is of utmost relevance for grid operators to know the current and future weather factors in detail, so that bottlenecks can be prevented, and a dynamic and efficient grid operation is possible. Using senso data from power lines in combination with data from Meteomatics, Heimdall Power can deliver an average increase of 25% in transmission capacity of high-voltage power lines. In this article you will learn how Heimdall was able to realize this improvement.
Learn more

Intelligent Weather Insights: Tailored for Your Business Success

Beyond Basic Forecasts:

Our service offers much more than free government data — think high-resolution, real-time accuracy tailor-made for your business needs. It's about making smarter decisions with weather data you can rely on!

Weather Solutions: Customized by Industry
Our location-specific forecasts are tailored to fit your business and industry perfectly. Reach out to our experts to discover more!
Martin Fengler - CEO at Meteomatics
Dr. Martin Fengler
CEO / Founder
Gas station us
Nick Lilja
Cheniere Energy, Inc.
The data and insight I receive from Meteomatics is far and away the best. Each time I use the product, I discover something even more valuable and exciting. The capabilities and ease-of-use of the platform cut my work in half.

Our Edge: Advanced Weather Intelligence

Our Weather Intelligence Approach

We're revolutionizing forecast accuracy in the U.S. with our weather intelligence approach, pushing boundaries to new heights. By blending innovative tech, high-res models, and our team's expertise, we're not just supporting weather forecasting but setting new standards. Our unique approach brings our vision to life daily, driving our mission forward.

With our unique approach, we implement our vision and fulfill our entrepreneurial mission every day.

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Unique Technologies That Make the Difference

What Does Weather Intelligence Mean for Us?

Our Responsibility

As the world's leading provider of weather information, we share responsibility for society and nature with our services. For example, through our services, we help to promote the use of renewable energies and the energy transition. We also help to warn communities of dangerous weather events or to protect agriculture from crop failures and planning errors. The weather has a very big impact on our environment, but also on our economy. Understanding the weather is therefore an important prerequisite for the development of our economic areas, but also for the development of our natural habitat.

Our Team

Our team consists of meteorologists, scientists, data scientists, electrical & IT technicians and engineers. Specialised in different fields and educated at top universities around the world, we as a team can draw on an incredibly wide range of skills. We see our different backgrounds and nationalities as a great enrichment to our corporate culture. We learn from each other, complement each other and agree on one thing in particular: the passion to develop and specify technological solutions independently - and from that, the idea to the complete implementation.

Our Culture

We understand that our offer provides a decisive added value and work with a lot of passion and innovative spirit to improve our services every day and to expand our position as a leading provider of weather information. Unique technologies, paired with the Swiss claim for precision and our hands-on mentality, show us that we have the best qualities to make it happen every day.

Unique Technologies

We see complex industry solutions as challenges that we take on with great passion and want to solve with technologies we have developed ourselves. Through constant testing, trial and error and boundless curiosity, we manage to develop new measurement techniques and thus increase the accuracy of weather data.

Highest Quality Standards

Thanks to our Swiss roots, our DNA makes us strive for the highest quality in everything we do. Our solutions, our service and our interactions with all stakeholders are driven by the idea of delivering the highest precision.

Extensive Competences

Through our expertise in meteorology combined with great expertise in IT, electrical engineering, physics and engineering, we develop technologies completely independently from the idea to the full implementation.

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The Global Leader In Weather Intelligence

Weather Intelligence describes our approach at all levels and shows how we succeed in providing intelligent and most accurate weather information. All weather information relevant to your business is measured, collected, compiled and analysed by our scientists and meteorologists. In this process, innovative and self-developed measurement techniques and methods are used, which allows us to be the only company to provide all information and data via only one interface and in real time.

This means we can map the current and future state of our atmosphere at a specific location at a specific time as accurately as possible and provide this information in real time. This creates the basis for optimising processes, minimising weather-related business risks and making important decisions with confidence.

Meteomatics Landscape 01

Unique Technologies for Predictions

The processing of high-quality weather and satellite data, from leading centres worldwide, with scientific procedures and post-processing methods developed in-house, leads to highly accurate forecasts. For example, by computing our own high-resolution weather models and using 90-metre downscaling, we are able to scale and greatly refine weather model data in terms of local topographical conditions. The combination of our self-developed high-resolution weather models enriched with data collected by our drones, further improves the data basis of the models. This is unique worldwide and leads to an unprecedented accuracy of the forecasts.

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Innovative Measurement Technology With Weather Drones

Make Weather Forecasts Even More Accurate in the Future — With Meteodrones!

We want to make weather forecasts even more accurate in the future. That is why we are the only company in the world to collect atmospheric data with our self-developed and autonomous weather drone system "Meteodrones".

The Meteodrones allow us to collect weather data from higher, but relevant layers of the atmosphere, by taking a transverse measurement of the atmosphere up to 6 km high.

This makes it possible to take precise and direct measurements of temperature, humidity and wind at altitudes of up to 6 kilometres, for the first time. The measured data is then fed into our in-house developed and high-resolution weather models.

MM Data Gap Illustration RGB 01

Make Forecasts of Extreme Weather Conditions More Precise!

Our goal is to calculate high-resolution weather models for the largest possible areas and refine them with the innovative measurement technology of our weather drones. This approach has been proven to lead to unprecedented accuracy of weather forecasts. Especially on a local level for forecasting fog, thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain. More information on our approach as well as scientific publications (peer-reviewed) can be found here.

Easy Access to Weather Information

We want to provide weather information in a targeted and easily interpretable way. Therefore, you either get permanent access to individual data sets via our weather API or one-time access via our weather data shop. With the weather API as the foundation, we provide all weather events in high-resolution map view for visualisation with our web-based weather map tool MetX.

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Permanent Access With the Weather API

Through our weather API, you get real-time access to over 25 models and more than 1800 parameters through just one interface. You don't need to be a weather expert to understand and use the basic weather parameters. And if you do need help, our API documentation or one of our experts will help you.

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Unique Access in the Weather Data Shop

If you only need one-time access to certain weather data, you can directly download individual weather data sets from our weather data shop.

Here you will find a comprehensive selection of current and historical weather data as well as sector-specific weather parameters.

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Weather Visualization

With weather maps, weather data can be made accessible to all. A simplified user interface combined with our weather API provides you with a powerful tool for visualising weather events worldwide: high-resolution and in real time.

Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest news from Meteomatics.

Sap press release hero
07/15/2024 / Meteomatics today announced that its Weather API solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The Weather API integrates with SAP HANA and delivers high-resolution, accurate, and reliable weather data to customers.
Learn more
07/09/2024 / Starting in July 2024, Durjoy Mazumdar will assume his new role as Head of Sales for North America at Meteomatics. He will develop and lead our sales efforts, solidifying Meteomatics' position as a premier provider of weather data solutions across the region.
Learn more
Arsene m ovrejorde Bov Gw4div6 U unsplash
06/06/2024 / Meteomatics is proud to announce the launch of its Norwegian office. The company has appointed Arve Dahl Nielsen, a former executive at StormGeo, as the CEO of its newly formed division.
Learn more
Arve nielsen
06/04/2024 / Starting in June 2024, Arve Dahl Nielsen will assume his new role as Chief Revenue Officer at Meteomatics. He will develop and execute the Meteomatics Group’s go-to-market strategy to drive revenue growth, enhance market presence, and expand customer reach globally, with a focus on Europe and the United States.
Learn more
Meteobase fly
06/03/2024 / In collaboration with NORCE, Meteomatics is installing 30 Meteodrones and Meteobases across Norway in a multi-million euro project to future-proof the country against weather challenges.
Learn more
05/30/2024 / Meteomatics, in partnership with NOAA, GrandSKY, and Synoptic Data PBC, will deploy Meteodrones at GrandSKY Aviation Park, North Dakota, to enhance high-altitude weather forecasting. This collaboration marks a significant advance in integrating technology into weather forecasting.
Learn more
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05/22/2024 / Starting today, our users can access AIFS, ECMWF’s AI-based model, via the Weather API. Similar to FourCastNet and GraphCast, AIFS has a resolution of 25 km and an update frequency of 6 hours. Its forecast horizon is 15 days.
Learn more
FALX header
05/15/2024 / Meteomatics is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with FALX, a leading AI and machine learning company specialising in precise energy forecasting for the renewable energy sector in Africa. As the need to transition to renewable energy reaches unprecedented levels, FALX has been developing best-in-class AI-powered forecasting systems to support the penetration of renewable energy across Africa.
Learn more
Mick haupt t U Myur I6ojw unsplash
05/03/2024 / Experts predict a highly active 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, with a near-record 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes due to warmer ocean temperatures and weather pattern changes. Read on for insights on the heightened risk to the U.S. and Caribbean.
Learn more
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05/02/2024 / We are happy to announce the integration of the FourCastNet and GraphCast AI models into the Meteomatics Weather API, complementing our suite of weather forecasting solutions.
Learn more

Talk to Our Experts

We are here for you.

We help you understand your relationship with the weather from start to finish.

Terry casey 7455f991
Terry Casey
Director of Sales, North America
With over 25 years of experience in meteorology, insurance, and digital media, Terry is a leading expert in the field of weather risk. He leverages his unique blend of knowledge to guide businesses across all sectors towards strategic weather resilience, helping them anticipate and mitigate climate risks.
Sharon Abbas
Director of Customer Success, North America
A customer success champion with a passion for unlocking the potential of weather data. Sharon takes pride in tailoring bespoke solutions that deliver measurable ROI and foster lasting customer relationships. Her enthusiasm and dedication make her a valuable partner for any organization seeking to maximize weather-powered value.
Melanie Luther – Meteorologist and Head of Sales
Melanie Luther
Head of Customer Success
Melanie Luther studied Meteorology at the Freie Universität Berlin and specialized in the Energy Industry. She has more than 20 years of experience as a meteorologist, weathercaster, and key account manager in the field. Melanie joined Meteomatics in 2017 and was appointed Head of Sales in 2019. In 2024, she was appointed Head of Customer Success.
Brad Guay - Meteorologist and Client Manager
Brad Guay
Team Lead - Aerospace & Government Solutions
Brad Guay is the team lead of Aerospace & Government Solutions at Meteomatics in Berlin. Before joining Meteomatics, Brad worked in both the US & UK, helping companies and governments to manage weather and climate risk via software and hardware solutions.
Candice Thompson - Meteorologist and Client Manager
Candice Thompson
Meteorologist and Client Manager
Candice Thompson is a Sales Manager at Meteomatics. Candice is qualified in the field of atmospheric science and climate change and spent more than a decade as a broadcast meteorologist in South Africa.
Melanie Luther – Meteorologist and Head of Sales
Melanie Luther
Head of Customer Success

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