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Weather has a high impact on the agriculture industry as food production is directly dependent on the weather.

Accurate weather information is therefore central to successful business in the agriculture industry and can lead to the realization of competitive advantages.

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Weather API

Get fast and easy access to the entire universe of weather data with our Weather API.

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Visualize every weather situation to stay ahead and to make better decisions with our Weather Visualization Map MetX.

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European weather model at 1km resolution: get accurate weather forecasts across Europe and make better decisions.

Why Is Weather Important for the Agriculture Industry?

Crop Yield

Agricultural production is extremely vulnerable to weather impacts. Knowing how to react in time to weather conditions can determine the success or failure of crop production.

Accurate weather data can help you monitor precipitation, wind, temperature, and soil conditions to better manage your irrigation system, prepare for field workability, and schedule field fertilization and pesticide application.

An optimized planning based on weather forecasts leads to a reduced amount of fertilizers and pesticides, which contributes to increasing crop quality and making financial savings.

Livestock Farming

Each year farmers lose animals to extreme weather events, such as heat waves that cause heat stress, severe winters that cause cold-weather-related injuries and illnesses. Flooding, hurricanes, and lightning storms can also be deadly.

Heat stress affects not only the lives of the farm animals but also milk production. At higher temperatures, lactating cows eat less feed, resulting in less milk production.

Therefore providing appropriate shelter is essential to keep animals safe and in good health. With accurate weather forecasts, you can plan ahead for adequate sheltering, water provision for drinking and grass irrigation, and animal food supplies.

Indoor Growing

Greenhouses allow the cultivation of plants that require a regulated climatic environment. This doesn’t mean that external conditions don’t affect these structures.

Weather conditions affect how much light-supplementation, dehumidification, heating and cooling power are needed. Weather information is therefore essential to program the systems and maintain the indoor climate.

By feeding greenhouse systems with weather data, farmers can better manage the greenhouse’s energy consumption, which accounts for 50% of the cost of greenhouse production, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Climate Change Impacts on the Agriculture Industry

Climate change poses a significant threat to agricultural production and to food availability at a global level.

While higher temperatures can lead to weed and pest proliferation, changes in precipitation patterns can lead to a long-run production decline. Extreme weather events can also disrupt global supply chains.

On a warmer planet, farmers may have to identify new crop possibilities for each location where the conditions will have shifted.

To help agriculture industry stakeholders understand both the devastating effects and potentialities of the future, we incorporated climate projection data into our API.

Climate Projection Data

We make CMIP6 climate projection data available via API and offer our expertise in weather and climate science to help the agriculture industry’s stakeholders understand how climate change will impact them.

Our users are able to request the latest CMIP6 data across all 5 socioeconomic pathways, out to 2100. We have applied our expertise to standardize and process the raw climate projection data from the CMIP6 models. This makes it easier for the agriculture industry to consume and to integrate with their existing data infrastructures.

In addition, Meteomatics broadens the applicability of climate projection data by:

  • downscaling the horizontal resolution to 90m to take into account the local topography
  • downscaling the temporal resolution to create consistent time series
  • calculating around 40 derived parameters that help increase the usability and relevance of climate predictions to more users, such as temperature, wind direction, precipitation and global radiation
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Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (DLV)
The Meteomatics‘ Weather API enables us to use a huge variety of agricultural weather data in order to support our agricultural target groups in field work and resource planning. Our customers in the hunting sector benefit from the moonlight and cloud cover data to forecast the best hunting season.

Meteomatics Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

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Weather API

Everything you need on call

Meteomatics Weather API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data, allowing users to retrieve large volumes of weather data quickly.

Weather API

Our Weather API

Your Benefits

  • One source, one interface: query multiple parameters simultaneously for single or multiple sites and entire areas
  • Query data in real time with a response time of a few milliseconds
  • Real-time access to over 7 petabytes thanks to unique data processing technology (Meteocache)
  • "On the fly" downscaling using topographic maps enables 90 meter resolution worldwide, greatly improving accuracy at the local level
  • High resolution of data per minute
  • Highest data quality: over 1640 updates per day ensure accuracy and timelines

Weather API

Explore the Power of Our Weather Visualization Map

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MetX Visualization Map

With weather maps, weather data can be made accessible to all

MetX is a web-based tool based on the weather API developed by Meteomatics. A weather map is used to display complex weather data and can easily visualize conditions. With our software for the visualization of weather data, we offer you a high-performance solution to gain more insights and thus make better decisions based on the weather situation.

MetX Visualization


Advantages and Benefits

  • the calculation of weather data in real time when zooming or changing views
  • a high granular resolution of 90 meters: based on the NASA terrain model, measuring points are calculated every 90 meters and the weather data are scaled down accordingly
  • high temporal resolution every minute
  • the possibility to use different maps like topographic maps, border maps, aeronautical maps etc.
  • the use of layers to display different weather parameters
  • clear display of up to 4 maps on one screen (quartering of the screen)
  • data export for each point on the map
  • individual solutions for your weather map on request


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Learn About Weather and Climate

We provide all relevant weather and climate data to build up an early warning system for major weather impacts on nature, agriculture and the environment in general. This includes short-term data as well as long term climate data.

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