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Energy Forecasts for Solar, Wind and Hydropower

We offer detailed forecast systems and individual solutions, which we refine locally on the basis of high-resolution weather model data. Local conditions as well as live data from the respective power plants are included in our energy forecasts. This enables us to make precise energy forecasts for wind, solar and hydropower feed-in for different control areas and locations.

Get precise and individual energy forecasts from us tailored to your area of application. Let our experts advise you free of charge!

  • Obtain precise energy forecasts based on downscaling and nowcasts in up to 5-minute resolution

  • Compare energy performance and understand past events thanks to historical data up to 1979

  • Minimise risk and be able to define warnings of extreme weather events

  • Individual set-up and calibration of each portfolio according to your requirements
Harald Altmann
Harald Altmann
LEAG Energy Cubes

"Meteomatics offers the perfect solution for our needs. As a reliable partner, Meteomatics offers not only excellent data quality but also first-class service. We use Meteomatics' wind and solar power forecasts for over 500 plants with an installed capacity of over 1,100 MW. This improves our intraday and day-ahead energy management, which saves us costs and optimises our yields."

BKW Case Study

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Get Precise and Individual Energy Forecasts From Us Tailored to Your Area of Application. Let Our Experts Advise You Free of Charge!

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What Are Energy Forecasts For?

The feed-in of wind, solar and hydro power can fluctuate depending on weather conditions.. This leads to uncertainty in the electricity supply. It is, therefore, particularly important for the energy market to be able to depend on reliable and, above all, precise forecast data.

At Meteomatics, we aim for the highest possible accuracy based on the most accurate weather data. This allows you to utilise the full potential of renewable energies and integrate them into the electricity market in the best possible way - at the lowest attainable cost. This has a positive impact on the energy transition and helps shape it in the long term.

Characteristics of Accurate Energy Predictions

Accurate Forecast Data Makes Risks Calculable

The secret of accurate forecasts starts with the quality of the underlying data. Not only do we use the best global and regional forecast models, but we also refine them through a downscaling process to a resolution of 90 metres. Furthermore, all parameters are calculated by applying further interpolation methods to the corresponding heights (hub heights).

  • Renewable energy plant performances with combination of weather forecast and plant simulation

  • Weather model data combined with real-time data

  • Combination of different weather models and integration of local conditions

Forecast Periods

We provide you with forecast periods ranging from a few minutes (intrahour) to hours (intraday) to days (day-ahead) and beyond:

  • Short- and medium-term e.g. day-ahead forecasts for the next day or e.g. 15 days in advance

  • Nowcasting e.g. intraday forecasts until end of day

  • Short-term forecast: up to 5 minute updates for the first 6 hours

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Where Are Energy Forecasts Used?

Political and economic requirements demand a high quality of energy forecasts in the fields of renewable energy, such as electricity grid operators (DSOs / TSOs), direct marketing, calculation of virtual power plants or evaluation of new potential sites.

With the processing of a wide variety of data sources, new insights into the performance of the plants are emerging. Energy companies can use energy forecasts to accurately estimate when,where and how much energy will be fed into the grid. This makes it easier for plant operators to plan, increase productivity and reduce costs.

We create customised performance forecasts, for individual plants, specific regions or entire countries. e.g. for:

  • Control areas and countries

  • Virtual power plants (consolidation of decentralised energy production sites, e.g. solar panels on houses in the city)

  • Energy market, renewable energies, energy trading, municipal utilities

  • for Day-Ahead and Intraday Market (Power Exchange)

  • for coordinates, portfolios and regions for direct marketing, grid calculations and trading

  • Operators of PV systems/wind turbines/hydroelectric power plants

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Learn From Our Customer Stories

This is how we support our energy customers with their forecasts, transmission capacity and process efficiency.

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Meteomatics' solar power forecasts improve Stadtwerke München's day-to-day electricity trading business and optimize the integration of solar power into the electricity market.
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The weather has a considerable influence on the production of renewable energies. As a relevant influencing factor, it thus affects forecasts for electricity production and also has an impact on electricity trading and the associated sales. In this article, you will learn how the Meteomatics Weather API makes the procurement of weather data at BKW easier, faster and more flexible, thus facilitating the integration of renewable energies into the electricity market.
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Ogre 2022 BRANDED header image v2 uses Meteomatics’ RESTful API to access one of the world's richest and most accurate weather databases. Meteomatics forecasts are now a key component of Ogre’s ML & AI process: used to generate precise power forecasts and solve key challenges of energy companies across multiple sectors.
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Weather is one of the strongest factors influencing the capacity of power lines. Therefore, it is of utmost relevance for grid operators to know the current and future weather factors in detail, so that bottlenecks can be prevented, and a dynamic and efficient grid operation is possible. Using senso data from power lines in combination with data from Meteomatics, Heimdall Power can deliver an average increase of 25% in transmission capacity of high-voltage power lines. In this article you will learn how Heimdall was able to realize this improvement.
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Actemium successfully integrated Meteomatics' weather data API into OSIsoft's PI system. This enables customers to easily integrate Meteomatics weather data directly into their own ERP and data management systems. Actemium was thus able to facilitate the use of Meteomatics weather data for an energy utility company that will use Meteomatics' high-quality data for its energy services in locations with very high temperatures.
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The findings are stunning: the most accurate weather data and forecasts lead to superior energy generation and consumption forecasts, allowing companies to optimize their energy management, resulting in valuable cost savings, reduced planning risks and better decision making. In this story you will learn how Hive Power realizes these benefits with weather data provided by Meteomatics Weather API.
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Preparation of Forecasts for Renewable Energies

Meteomatics uses a proprietary forecast system that utilises several leading global and regional weather models (multi-model approach) such as ECMWF IFS, GFS, UKMO UM10, CMC, AROME, ICON EU, ensemble data, as well as historical production data and live data. Our forecasts, calibrated to real values, achieve excellent results, and are leading quality in many markets. In addition, Meteomatics also provides wind and solar power data for any location directly via the weather API as an initial basis for its own optimisation processes.

  • Forecasts provide optimal basis for decision-making

  • The solar and wind forecasts are additionally optimised using the live data

  • Client receives the forecasts in the desired format (diagrams, CSV files, etc.)

What Weather Data Are Used to Create Energy Forecasts?

  • High-resolution data on catchment areas (topography), information on land use, soil properties, shading, etc.

  • Observation data: Radar, global radiation, inflow and outflow, snow depths, etc.

  • High-resolution global and regional forecasts: Radar, ECMWF-IFS, UKMO UM10, ICON EU, SWISS-1K etc.

  • Downscaling of relevant parameters, such as temperature to a spatial resolution of 90 m

  • Integration of historical and real-time data

Alexander Stauch - Head of Marketing
Dr. Alexander Stauch
Head of Marketing
With an installed capacity of more than one gigawatt of solar, wind or hydro power, even a 1 % difference in the forecast error can trigger an economic loss of several million per year.

Energy Forecasts for Solar

Solar power forecasts are important tools for integrating solar power into supply structures. These forecasts give you the temporal availability of the solar-generated electricity. This is mainly important for commercial electricity producers and grid operators. For the calculation of the generated solar energy, Meteomatics uses a high-resolution topographic model to also take into account shading effects caused by the terrain.

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Time series comparing different installed capacities, inclinations and tracking types:
Time series comparing different installed capacities, inclinations and tracking types

Energy Forecasts for Wind

A wind energy forecast indicates the expected feed-in from wind energy. From this you can directly deduce how profitable your wind farm is and what turnover you can expect. In addition, technical losses, for example due to icing, can be better taken into account.

Thanks to downscaling, it is possible for us to use very precise data for different wind parameters atdifferent heights to create the power forecasts. This data is combined with the conditions of the wind turbines and the live data of the actual production for the energy forecast. We practically link the wind data with the power curves of the existing or planned wind turbines. Taking these factors into account, the exact amount of energy that will be fed into the grid in the future can be forecast.

If we receive all the necessary information from wind farm operators, it is possible for us to create accurate wind energy forecasts. This makes it easier to assess losses in particular, for example:

  • Availability losses (concerns plant availability)

  • Electrical line losses (current is lost during transport in the line)

  • Losses due to certain environmental conditions, e.g. shutdown of the turbines when ice accumulates on the rotor blades or due to bats.

  • further losses under licensing law.

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Example energy calculations for different wind turbines
Example energy calculations for different wind turbines

Energy Forecast for Hydropower

Precise forecasts are crucial for both hydropower planning and flood warnings. With hydrological forecasts, water resources can be optimally controlled and managed. This enables the effective and profitable planning of power generation.

The combination of precise information on the catchment area with observational data and high-resolution model forecasts also enables reliable predictions of flash floods and droughts. This helps you to optimise your decisions and minimise risks.

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How Do I Get Access to the Energy Forecasts?

Use Our Weather API

Fully calculated wind and solar power forecasts can already be obtained directly via our weather API and can be conveniently integrated into in-house processes. For these parameters, we offer the full flexibility of our API in terms of temporal resolution, spatial coverage and even the output format.

Weather API

Contact Us

We can share portfolio-based forecasts on wind, solar and hydropower with you via SFTP, mail or other possible interfaces. We can also respond to your detailed wishes, such as format, forecast period, temporal resolution or units of the forecasts produced. So that you can better analyse results in the future and take the necessary measures more efficiently. Just contact us via the contact form!

Marco Thaler - Meteorologist
Marco Thaler

Customised energy forecasts for solar, wind and hydropower

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Are you interested in customised solar, wind or hydropower forecasts? Send a message to Marco Thaler, our specialist for energy forecasts. We will get back to you within one working day.