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  • 1,000 queries (50 per minute, 10 in parallel)
  • Simultaneous parameter queries for single/multiple sites, routes, and areas
  • Coordinated individual queries
  • Over 1800 parameters
  • Deterministic forecasts up to 15 days
  • Extended forecasts up to 46 days
  • Ensemble trend forecasts up to 7 months
  • Global 5-minute, 90-meter resolution
  • Real-time data queries with millisecond response times
  • Over 110 weather sources: Models (ECMWF, GFS, DWD-ICON, MF-Arome, UKMO, HRRR, Ensembles, and more), station, satellite, radar, lightning data

Upon request:

  • Subset of 6 months of historical data
  • WMS interface, including 20,000 queries in total

Unlock Even More With the Full Business Package

With a Business package, you also get:

  • Historical data dating back to 1940, including historical forecast data

  • Climate projections up to the year 2100

  • 24/7 support

Upon request:
  • Exclusive access to EURO1k — a 1km-resolution weather model for Europe calculated by Meteomatics

Do You Only Need Historical Data? Pay per Dataset!

If you require specific historical datasets, current data, or weather forecasts, you can conveniently obtain and download individual datasets directly from our Weather Data Shop.

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Melanie Luther – Meteorologist and Head of Sales
Melanie Luther
Head of Sales and Meteorologist

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