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Free Weather API

Discover the Meteomatics Weather API Free Options

Looking for a free weather API? You’ve come to the right place. Amid the sea of free weather APIs, Meteomatics emerges as a standout choice. Here you will discover the two ways to make use of Meteomatics data for free.

A weather API is an online service that grants users access to weather-related data and forecast information. Developers can integrate this valuable weather data into their applications, websites, and systems, and the ease with which this can be done is a point of comparison between API providers.

Weather APIs cover both big and small needs, such as:

  • Big needs: Weather data holds significance across a wide range of businesses. For instance, in agriculture and insurance, the knowledge of weather extremes can help farmers prepare for potential damage and underwriters to set premiums appropriately. Industry sectors such as aviation, energy, defence, logistics and many more also benefit from automated workflows with rapidly refreshing weather data.
  • Small needs: Today there is a growing interest from smaller businesses and individuals seeking to incorporate weather information into their applications. That’s usually where a free weather API comes into the scene. While a paid, comprehensive weather API might prove costly and include features that some users might not require, a free weather API could perfectly match their specific needs.
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Sibylle Wiederkehr
Senior Operations Research Analyst
The Meteomatics Weather API is unique in the market as it provides flexible and fast access to a huge amount of weather data in different data formats.

Discover the Meteomatics Weather API Free Options

Free Weather API Trial Account

The 14-day free trial of the best premium weather API in the market.

Get access to:

  • The full range of weather parameters and model selection capabilities of the Business Account
  • 1,000 queries (50 queries per minute, 10 queries in parallel)
  • A subset of historical data (available on request)
  • Over 1800 parameters and 40 models and data sources
  • Deterministic forecast up to 15 days, extended forecast up to 46 days, ensemble trend forecast up to 7 months
  • Global resolution of 5 minutes, downscaling to 90 meters

Perfect for:

  • Global organizations
  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Developers

Benefits of the Weather API Business Account

  • More flexibility: Offers entirely tailored to your needs.

  • More data: Over 1800 parameters and 40 models and data sources available.

  • More requests: The sky's the limit.

  • More forecast data: Deterministic forecast up to 15 days, extended forecast up to 46 days, ensemble trend forecast up to 7 months, climate projections up to 2100.

  • More historical data: Historical data back to 1940, including historical forecast data.

  • More granular data: Global resolution of 5 minutes and downscaling to 90 meters.

  • Exclusive forecasting model: Meteomatics runs its proprietary and unique 1-kilometer resolution European weather model — EURO1k (upon special request).

  • Top customer support: 24/7 support, anywhere in the world.

The Free Basic Weather API Account

The most complete free weather API offer available in the market.

Get access to:

  • Global coverage

  • 500 queries per day (50 queries per minute, 10 queries in parallel)

  • 10-day forecast

  • 15 basic weather parameters (see list)

  • 1-hour temporal resolution and 90-meter spatial resolution

  • 24 hours of historical data

  • The most trusted source for your given time and location

Perfect for:

  • Students

  • Hobbyists working on personal projects or small-scale applications

  • Developers working on proof-of-concept

  • Users only interested in a very small geographic area

  • Users with a low number of requests per day

Learn More About the Meteomatics Weather API

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Weather API

With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.

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The Weather API Documentation is constantly updated by our Met Team with the most up-to-date information and tutorials on how to use the Meteomatics Weather API.

Weather api news

Weather API News

Discover the most sought-after weather API topics in our blog. From real-time weather data to historical climate records, our collection of articles covers the essential topics you need to know to make the most out the Meteomatics Weather API.

What Weather API Do You Need?

While free weather APIs can be a great starting point for basic weather integration, premium products cater to users who require comprehensive, high-quality, and reliable weather data for more advanced applications and projects. Users must carefully evaluate their specific needs and consider the trade-offs between free and premium options when choosing a weather API.

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Christian Schluchter - Chief Technology Officer
Christian Schluchter
Chief Technology Officer

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We provide the most accurate weather data for any location, at any time, to improve your business.

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With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
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