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A Review of 2021: Delivering Trillions of Weather Insights to Customers Across the Globe

Alexander Stauch - Head of Marketing
Dr. Alexander Stauch
Head of Marketing
The weather in 2021, has brought serious challenges to communities and businesses across the globe, with widespread flooding events in central Europe, Australia, and China. Heat domes in Canada, and extensive wildfires in Europe and the USA.

The severe weather we’ve experienced this year highlights the importance of our purpose in delivering the highest quality data-driven insights to customers across the world. Delivered by the most performant and richest weather API available today! Helping you make more informed decisions to protect your assets: maintain the safety of your employees: minimize exposure to costs and maximize opportunities, by confidently making predictions about future weather impacts

Meteomatics is thrilled to be supporting more organizations than ever before, with a growing number of global brands joining our list of partners in 2021, such as Tesla, Porsche, Honda, Frontex, ENEL and many more.

Meteomatics’ API Development Team has also been hard at work, adding new features and services

  • Added >200TB of additional historic NWP data that we now provide to our customers.
  • Incorporated >200k satellite images
  • Integrated new topographic data (ASTER Topography)
  • Added isoline queries
  • Enriched our database with new data sources, bringing the total to 60 different data sources!
  • Created an online shop, allowing users to buy Meteomatics data as a one-off download
  • And many more

We are really excited about what 2022 has in store for our customers, as we look forward to further enriching our weather and climate database, and making further improvements to our products and services, such as MetX 2.0 (Meteomatics updated forecast visualization/editorial tool).

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We provide the most accurate weather data for any location, at any time, to improve your business.

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Precise Weather Data
We combine existing weather data with unique technologies and the skills of our weather and data scientists to bring you the most accurate weather data.
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Weather Data Shop
If you only need one-time access to certain weather data, you can directly download individual weather data sets from our weather data shop. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of current and historical weather data as well as sector-specific weather parameters.
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Weather API
With our weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
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European weather model at 1 km resolution: get accurate weather forecasts across Europe and make better decisions.
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Visualise Weather
Visualise all weather events in a high-resolution map view - with our web-based weather map tool MetX based on the Weather API.
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Energy Forecasting
Energy forecasts for solar, wind and hydropower - based on the world's most accurate weather data.
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Closing the meteorological data gap in the Earth's lower atmosphere with Meteodrones. Designed and assembled in Switzerland.
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Meteobase - the home of our Meteodrone. The Meteobase is the perfect partner and home for our weather drones to measure weather data at any location.

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