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Weather Forecast API

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Ever wondered how your favorite apps provide timely weather updates? Weather forecasts play a crucial role in various applications, from travel planning to outdoor event management. Accurate and up-to-date weather information is not only essential for users' convenience but also for decision-making in industries as diverse as aviation and energy generation.

The Role of Weather Forecast APIs

Weather forecast APIs provide developers with the tools to integrate real-time weather data into their applications, websites and services. These APIs source data from a variety of different sources, depending on the provider, which may include weather databases, satellites, meteorological stations, and more. By utilizing these APIs, developers can offer users timely weather updates, forecasts, and other related information without the need for them to navigate to separate weather websites or applications.

Key Benefits of APIs for Weather Forecasting

  • High accuracy: Weather forecast APIs are backed by advanced meteorological data, ensuring high accuracy in predictions. This accuracy is crucial for industries as diverse as agriculture, transportation, and tourism, where even minor weather changes can have significant impacts.
  • Real-time data: The data in a weather forecast API is updated in real-time, so that users have access to the latest conditions and forecasts. This kind of rapid update service is useful in many cases, but essential for handling weather-related emergencies, such as storms, floods, and extreme temperatures, which require immediate attention.
  • Easy integration: A related benefit of a weather forecast API is the easy integration into various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices. This integration means that the real-time updates present in the backend data is transmitted to the user interface, and users can be provided with the most up-to-date information available. In addition to the convenience and safety features this provides, this adds value to existing services and keeps users engaged without the need for them to switch between apps.
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Weather Forecast API Data

Weather forecasts are large computer simulations of the mathematical and physical laws which govern atmospheric conditions, guided by input from observation systems such as ground-based weather station networks and satellite imagery. These forecasts are sometimes produced by national weather services, and also by private international companies, with differences in the observations used as input as well as the implementation of the model physics. These models take into account a vast array of data, including temperature, wind, humidity, and pressure, to create forecasts for different time frames and geographical areas.

Weather forecast APIs aggregate data from multiple sources, process it using algorithms, and present the information in a user-friendly format that developers can integrate into their applications. While free weather forecast APIs may not offer the same level of detail or accuracy as premium or specialized weather services, they still provide valuable weather insights for a variety of applications. It's essential to understand the sources and limitations of the data when using free weather forecast APIs for critical decision-making or applications that require high accuracy.

The Weather Forecast API From Meteomatics: Technical Details

  • Enables an unlimited number of daily accesses

  • Provides interfaces such as WMS and WFS, along with several other formats

  • Delivers forecasts with an average response time ranging from 20 to 30 ms, depending on the query

  • Ensures secure functionality with HTTP basic authentication and support for HTTPS

  • Operates as a RESTful API, enabling convenient weather data retrieval through URLs

  • Makes everything available in one interface: Historical and current weather data, weather forecasts, climate models, and data from over 25 weather models

Learn More About the Meteomatics Weather API

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Weather API

With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.

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The Weather API Documentation is constantly updated by our Met Team with the most up-to-date information and tutorials on how to use the Meteomatics Weather API.

Weather api news

Weather API News

Discover the most sought-after weather API topics in our blog. From real-time weather data to historical climate records, our collection of articles covers the essential topics you need to know to make the most out the Meteomatics Weather API.

Where Can Weather Forecast APIs Be Used?

Multiple Businesses Benefit From Our Weather API Every Day

Customer Success Stories

Our expert team of meteorologists and scientists is continuously working on the optimization, accuracy and availability of our data to deliver reliable solutions for your business. Select a customer story and get insights from our various use cases.

Cheniere hero
Cheniere Energy
11/16/2023 / In this insightful live-streamed event, learn about the integral role of meteorology in the energy sector as experts from Meteomatics and Cheniere Energy discuss the impact of weather on energy management. Discover how accurate, data-driven forecasts are crucial for operational efficiency.
Purecontrol hero
10/30/2023 / In this use case, learn how Purecontrol integrates weather data from Meteomatics to forecast the impact of precipitation on sewage networks, resulting in an expected reduction in untreated water discharges into the environment of up to 70%.
Schweizer hagel
Schweizer Hagel
07/11/2023 / In this article, you will discover how Schweizer Hagel uses Meteomatics' weather data to assess risks and determine insurance premiums while enhancing its operational efficiency.
HRN 2023 BRANDED header image
Home Repair Network
06/12/2023 / Home Repair Network's managers use Meteomatics’ MetX Claims tool to guarantee precise and dependable assessment of the damages to help home and property owners get back on their feet faster.
Spottitt 2023 BRANDED header image v2 1
06/08/2023 / Meteomatics' weather data is now integrated into Spottitt’s Climate Conditions Monitoring module. This integration provides Spottitt's clients with high-resolution weather information, enabling them to monitor rapidly changing weather and climate conditions around their critical infrastructure.
Anglian Watrer 2023 BRANDED header image v2
Anglian Water
06/01/2023 / In this use case, learn how our precipitation data is helping Anglian Water analyze its storm-water regulators data and investigate its compliance with the goal of preventing events such as pollutions, leakage and water quality incidents.
Weather data for defense
Defence Applications
02/07/2023 / Meteomatics' technology improves the accuracy of weather forecasts with in-house developed weather drones and a high-resolution European weather model, helping ensure the success of operations in the air, on land, and at sea.
ARIS 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Swiss Academic Space Initiative (ARIS)
12/19/2022 / Meteomatics Supports Future Swiss Aerospace Engineers With Weather Data
Meteomatics 2022 unisphere header image v2
11/30/2022 / Meteomatics provides high-resolution weather data for Unisphere's flight management software.
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ETH Zurich
10/11/2022 / ETH Zurich’s Researchers Are Flying Meteomatics’ Weather Drones Into the Clouds
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Sibylle Wiederkehr
Senior Operations Research Analyst
The Meteomatics Weather API is unique in the market as it provides flexible and fast access to a huge amount of weather data in different data formats.

Get the Weather Forecast API From Meteomatics

Free Basic API Package

Testing & Enthusiasm

Use: Non-commercial projects

  • Up to 500 queries per day

  • 15 basic weather parameters

  • Forecast period of up to 10 days

  • Historical data for the past 24 hours

  • Global resolution of 1 hour and 90 meters

  • Support available via e-mail


Business API Package

Business Use

Use: Commercial

  • Individually coordinated queries

  • Over 1800 parameters

  • Deterministic forecast for up to 15 days

  • Extended forecasts for up to 46 days

  • Ensemble trend forecast for up to 7 months

  • Climate projections up to the year 2100

  • Historical data dating back to 1979, including historical forecast data

  • Global resolution of 5 minutes and 90 meters

  • Support available 24/7

Price based on configuration
Thomas Eldridge - Tech Evangelist.jpg
Thomas Eldridge
Technology Evangelist

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We combine existing weather data with unique technologies and the skills of our weather and data scientists to bring you the most accurate weather data.
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Weather API
With our Weather API you get continuous access to worldwide high-resolution weather, ocean, environment and climate data as well as historical data, real-time data, forecasts and climate scenarios up to 2100.
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European weather model at 1 km resolution: get accurate weather forecasts across Europe and make better decisions.
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Meteobase - the home of our Meteodrone. The Meteobase is the perfect partner and home for our weather drones to measure weather data at any location.