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with the most accurate forecasts

Helping wind energy companies operate efficiently and maximise their returns

Meteomatics accurate wind energy forecasts help operators and energy traders, maximise operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage in the energy trading market. Meteomatics API gives access to nowcasts, weather forecast, historic data (back to 1979), seasonal data and climate projections (up until 2100). Providing a wealth of information through an easy to use API, with a wide range of data connectors and data formats.

Wind Power Forecasts

The design and technical evolution of wind power turbines has transformed in recent years, impacting requirements for weather forecasts to take into account  the latest changes, such as increasing dimensions (hub height + rotor diameter). Plus, it has also become  crucial to correctly represent wind properties (speed and direction) in altitudes beyond 100m’s.

Meteomatics has been able to respond to changes in industry, by acquiring premium weather data sources and integrating wind turbine specifications (powercurves) to calculate a very accurate wind energy forecast. 

Portfolio forecasts

Meteomatics is also a leading provider of portfolio specific wind energy forecasts. By combining customers historical metre data and several premium weather models, the power forecasts are optimised down to a single turbine or to aggregations. We can also take into account real-time measurements, differing availabilities, maintenance schedules, night reductions and additional specific site requirements.

We ingest high quality weather & satellite data from leading centres, such as ECMWF, UK Met Office EUMETSAT, NASA and many others. Before processing data inputs, using our advanced and robust interpolation techniques to create world leading wind energy forecasts.
Meteomatics derive wind speed and direction, as well as air density at hub height above ground, by applying topographical downscaling with high density model level information and a 90m digital elevation model.
Meteomatics holds a vast & up to date database of various turbine manufacturers and their specifications, to ensure we can provide very accurate wind energy forecasts, anywhere on the planet.
We are always happy to discuss customer-tailed solutions such as forecasts for regional aggregations, distribution stations or alarm systems for strong wind speeds, lightning impacts and other customer requirements.