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Meteomatics To Install a Network of 30 Autonomous Meteodrones in Norway


In collaboration with the Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE), Meteomatics is undertaking a multi-million euro project in Norway. By the end of 2025, Meteomatics will install 30 Meteodrones and Meteobases across the entire country. This initiative is part of Norway’s efforts to future-proof its economy, people, and infrastructure against various weather-related challenges.

Severe weather conditions around the world are significantly impacting economies, infrastructure, and public safety. In Scandinavia, in particular, strong winter snowfall and storms, heavy rainfall and flooding, and summer forest fires increasingly impact everyday life and the economy.

These events expose the limitations of weather models, which have long been constrained by insufficient observations from the atmospheric boundary layer, hindering accurate predictions of local weather phenomena such as heavy rain, snow formation, and thunderstorms. To address these challenges, NORCE and Meteomatics are joining forces to deliver innovative weather technology for Norway.

NORCE and Meteomatics Team Up to Deliver Innovative Weather Technology for Norway

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Meteodrones: A Solution to the Lack of Data for Precise Forecasting

The only technology currently used for weather data from the lower and middle atmosphere are radiosondes on weather balloons. Because these single-use devices are dependent on the availability of Helium for the balloon, radiosondes are very expensive and unsustainable.

Meteomatics’ Meteodrones overcome the challenges of radiosondes. Meteodrones can carry out several measurement flights in longer time periods, allowing for more extensive data collection compared to radiosondes. While radiosondes are typically used only two times a day, Meteodrones can fly every 30 minutes to collect atmospheric data.

Meteodrones Enhance Understanding of Severe Weather Formation

To forecast the weather in Norway more accurately, Meteomatics, in cooperation with NORCE, will install 30 Meteodrones and their accompanying Meteobases, which enable autonomous flights. The additional stream of weather data delivered by the Meteodrones will help the country to understand the formation of severe weather events.

This work is part of NORCE’s mission to prepare Norway for economic and ecological challenges through innovative technologies. Meteomatics is the organization’s latest technology partner.

Installation of the Meteodrones and Meteobases Will Begin This Summer

Project Set for Full Operation by End of 2025

The Meteobases, which will store and launch the drones, will be installed beginning this summer. A team of experts is currently evaluating meteorologically significant locations where the Meteodrones will have optimal access to aspects of weather modeling. The project is expected to be fully implemented and operational by the end of 2025.

“We are honored to play a part in Norway’s forward-looking initiative to prepare itself for weather-related challenges. Our 30 Meteodrones and Meteobases will significantly improve the data basis for accurate weather forecasts across the entire country,” says Martin Fengler, CEO and Founder of Meteomatics. “The technology readiness of our Meteodrones has already been demonstrated in several countries, and we’re excited to see our Meteodrones take flight in Norway.”

Meteodrone and Meteobase

Meteomatics' Meteodrones and Meteobases are already operational and contribute to improved weather forecasting in several countries, including Switzerland, France, Italy and the United States.

Meteodrones can fly up to 6 km (20,000 feet) above the Earth’s surface, enabling it to close a significant meteorological data gap in the lower and mid atmosphere–regions not regularly or accurately observed by traditional weather sensing technology and radar.

The Meteobase serves as a central operational hub for the Meteodrone, providing comprehensive infrastructure for its operation. Thanks to the Meteobase, a pilot stationed many kilometers away can operate a Meteodrone.

Meteodrones and EURO1k: A New Era of Meteorological Precision

Meteodrone Data Will Be Integrated Into EURO1k

The data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind speed captured by the Meteodrones will be integrated into EURO1k, the high-resolution weather model exclusively developed by Meteomatics. EURO1k is an exceptional rapid-refresh numerical weather model that covers Europe, large parts of the East, and parts of North Africa with a resolution of 1 kilometer. Updated every hour, it provides the finest weather data sets for Europe.

By combining these advanced technologies, Meteomatics is setting the standard for a new era of meteorological precision.

“NORCE will conduct scientific research to validate the EURO1k forecasts and compare their accuracy with other weather forecasts used by the Norwegian Army for tactical decision-making,” said Camilla Stoltenberg, CEO of NORCE. “Meteomatics shows great confidence by allowing us to validate and share the performance of their weather forecasts. This demonstrates that independent scientific research can significantly contribute to the successful transfer of such technology to Norway.”

Precipitation and cloud cover over Norway with the ECMWF model (left, resolution: approx. 9 km) and with the EURO1k model from Meteomatics (right, resolution: 1 km)
Precipitation and cloud cover over Norway with the ECMWF model (left, resolution: approx. 9 km) and with the EURO1k model from Meteomatics (right, resolution: 1 km)

Norway Anticipates Economic and Societal Benefits

With this project, weather forecasts will become much more accurate in Norway, benefiting the economy and society. Renewable energy, which depends heavily on the weather, becomes more manageable and thus more cost-effective when weather is accurately predicted. Further, increasing its production will help the country meet net-zero emissions goals. Logistics on sea and land also become safer and more efficient when it’s possible to predict weather conditions, moment by moment. Improved weather forecasts also have local and national implications for agriculture, insurance, and emergency services.

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About Norce

NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre AS) is an independent research institute that engages in research, development and innovation in collaboration with both the public and the private sector. We have extensive research operations spanning energy, health, climate, environment, society and technology. Our ambition is to be a national and European leader in our chosen areas of focus. NORCE provides solutions to key societal challenges and contributes to value creation on a local, national and global basis. We deliver research, innovation and skills development for key topics in policy formulation, administration, business and civil society. NORCE contributes to the adaptation of industry and business – in conjunction with businesses and universities, clusters and centres. In addition, NORCE has an important role in research-based renewal of the public sector and the commercialisation of new technologies and systems.

NORCE employs approx. 800 people. The largest owners are the four universities in Bergen, Stavanger, Agder and Tromsø, either as direct owners or through regional holding companies.

You can find more information about NORCE at

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