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The Weather API provides access to weather data for best routing


Among the many international solar vehicle challenges, the in South Africa based Sasol Solar Challenge is one of the most notorious as the rout offers unique and challenging geographical characteristics. Moreover, the rare race and its aim to cover the furthest distance possible in eight days is extraordinary as most solar vehicle challenges race between two distinct points.


Meteomatics provided the perfect solution by being able to supply the required forecasted weather parameters in different resolutions. The data is integrated through a user-friendly API directly into the programming language, in this case MATLAB, used by the team to optimize their route. Along with the already used weather parameters in this project, there are many more, such as air density variation along the route in order to calculate aerodynamic drag components, that might prove to be advantageous for the race.


The Sun Chaser III team from Tshwane University of Technology believes that by making use of the Meteomatics’ API at the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018 will provide the accuracy in weather prediction needed in the competition. Especially, the team’s energy estimation will profit from this technologically enhanced advantage what results in a better performance during the race.