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Weather API Key

Learn how to get a free Weather API key from Meteomatics and obtain access to our weather data.

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Use a username and a password as your Weather API key to gain access to Meteomatics weather data. In this article, we will explain how to get a free Weather API key. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a novice looking to integrate weather data into your application, we have you covered.

What Is a Weather API Key

A weather API key is a unique identifier used by the majority of providers that allows developers to access a weather API and retrieve weather data from the provider's servers.

In other words, a weather API key can be seen as proof of entitlement to specific parts of a warehouse. Instead of letting users navigate the warehouse themselves, the API acts as a gatekeeper, allowing access only to those who can prove they are authorized to receive the requested items. Just like a delivery slip and ID, the API key is used to authenticate and authorize access to the desired data.

Most weather data providers work with a static key, but this is not generally considered secure as they do not expire, meaning if they are stolen they can be used indefinitely.

We have made things much easier and safer for you. Just keep reading to learn how to get a Weather API key from Meteomatics.

Christian Schluchter - Chief Technology Officer
Christian Schluchter
Chief Technology Officer
With Meteomatics, simply use your username and password as your Weather API Key to gain access to our entire range of weather data.

Get a Weather API Key From Meteomatics

At Meteomatics, we provide our users with login credentials to access our comprehensive weather data through our Weather API.

To further enhance the security of our users' data and reduce the risk of unauthorised access, we also offer a short-lived token generated through OAuth authentication. This token is valid for 3 hours and can be used to call the API without the need to enter credentials for each query.

By using this token, users reduce the risk of their credentials being stolen or compromised by unauthorized individuals. Additionally, if someone does manage to get hold of the token, it will only be valid for a short period of time, after which it will expire and no longer provide access to the API. This OAuth authentication system provides an additional layer of security for our users and ensures that their data remains safe and secure at all times.

Free Weather API Key

When you sign up for one of our options to access the Weather API, you will receive a free Weather API key in the form of your Meteomatics login credentials.

These options include the Free Basic Weather API Account and the 14-days Free Trial of our Business package.

Just fill in the forms to receive your credentials!

Our Packages

Free Basic Weather API

Meteomatics provides you with the most generic weather data for free. Our Free Basic package includes access to 15 basic weather parameters for forecasts of up to 10 days and the last 24 hours of historical data. You can take full advantage of our 90m downscaled resolution in time steps of as little as one hour in up to 500 queries a day.

Free Weather API Trial

Thinking of upgrading? You can explore all the benefits of a business account with our 14-day trial membership! On top of the Free Basic offer, you get access to all of our parameters, 1,000 queries (50 queries per minute, 10 queries in parallel) and can request a subset of historical data and a WMS interface, including 20,000 queries in total. The only Business tier parameters which are not available in the Free Trial are the full extent of historical data and climate projections.

Bespoke Business Packages

Our Business packages are individually tailored to your needs and priced accordingly. Your customised account could include access to up to 1800 weather and climate parameters and full choice of weather model, including seasonal and climate forecasts as well as historical data back to 1940. Optional extras include EURO1k, our ultra-high resolution model for the whole of Europe.

How to Use a Weather API Key

How To Get Data Using Your Meteomatics Weather API Key

  1. Sign up for a Free Basic Weather API Account or register for a Weather API Free Trial
  2. Check your email inbox to find your username and password
  3. Go to the URL Creator
  4. Follow the instructions to build a URL query
  5. Type your credentials into the dialogue box
  6. Press enter to receive your weather data

How to Obtain an OAuth Token for Extra Security

1. Go to this link

2. Insert your login credentials to receive a token directly on your browser. It will look like this:


3. Copy the entire token without the quotation marks, i.e., in the example above the token would be:


4. Make a query using the URL Creator.

5. Type ?access_token= followed by your token at the end of the URL. It should look like this:,13.461804/html?access_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJFUzI1NiJ9.eyJ2IjoxLCJ1c2VyIjoiYWFva2kiLCJpc3MiOiJsb2dpbi5tZXRlb21hdGljcy5jb20iLCJleHAiOjE2ODAxMDM3MjIsInN1YiI6ImFjY2VzcyJ9.jJTSepDG4zdPsIHdPv6Skfm1HO0mmBKH9rOGz5rXJk0WS8_od3OVrq680wtWAORdA3psANwUfqNKMEc2pw1lFw

6. Press enter to receive the data.

If you prefer to use code, you can, too. This page explains how: End User Authentication with OAuth

Need Help To Get Your Weather API Key?

Weather API Documentation and FAQ

Our Weather API is supported by our comprehensive Documentation, including an extensive FAQ section, that makes it easy for users to get started and work effectively with our product.

Our Meteorology team is continuously updating our Documentation to ensure that users from various industries can leverage the full value of the API for their respective needs.

Should you have any questions, our first-class support team will be happy to assist you via email, phone or live chat.

Custom solutions can be created for clients with specific IT needs — simply contact us to find out how we can help!

Christian Schluchter - Chief Technology Officer
Christian Schluchter
Chief Technology Officer

Do You Have Any Questions About the Weather API?

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