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Weather has a large impact on the transport & logistics industry. Extreme weather events can disturb traffic and damage railroad tracks, roadways, ports, piers, bridges and other transportation infrastructure, causing accidents, timetable disruptions, loss of goods, and elevated costs.

Accurate weather information is therefore central to successful business in the transport & logistics industry and can lead to the realization of competitive advantages.

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Weather API

Get fast and easy access to the entire universe of weather data with our Weather API.

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Visualize every weather situation to stay ahead and to make better decisions with our Weather Visualization Map MetX.

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European weather model at 1km resolution: get accurate weather forecasts across Europe and make better decisions.

Why Is Weather Important for the Transport & Logistics Industry?

Road and Rail Conditions

Moving around in bad weather conditions is frustrating and dangerous for people driving or taking public transportation.

Precipitation, fog, and snow can slow traffic and cause accidents due to impaired visibility and friction loss. Storms in areas with poor drainage systems lead to floods and landslides, putting people on the road at risk. Ice, snow, and extremely high or low temperatures often force trains to stall, disrupting timetables.

For the logistics sector, adverse weather can be devastating as delivery delays, loss of transported goods, and damage to infrastructure affect the efficiency of the supply chain.

Analyzing weather data allows stakeholders of the transport and logistics industry to cope with severe weather conditions. By planning ahead of time, you can adjust timetables and routes, increasing the reliability of your services and the safety of your workforce and passengers. Cost reduction is another advantage of having access to accurate weather forecasts as it increases the efficiency of fuel consumption planning.

Ocean and River Conditions

As the shipping industry is responsible for the transportation of around 90% of world trade, weather conditions on the high seas, large rivers and ports heavily impact the international supply chain.

Monitoring water levels and temperature is crucial to prevent ships from running aground or getting stuck in frozen rivers and harbors. Having accurate weather information about the conditions at sea can help you optimize routes for maximum time and fuel efficiency, while avoiding extreme events like hurricanes, storm surges, fog, ice floes, and high winds, which can impact the course of the vessels and cause accidents.

Check our Shipping and Offshore industry page for detailed information on how weather data can help predict ocean and river conditions.

Quality of Transported Goods

Transporting temperature-sensitive goods – such as meat, plants or livestock, is a delicate task.

Regardless of the weather conditions, trucks and trains need to be able to maintain the appropriate internal temperature during the entire journey. Failing to do so will lead to food spoilage or, in the case of animal transportation, death due to extreme heat or cold.

Besides monitoring events like precipitation, fog, and snow to prepare for unusual road conditions, you can use our weather data to check factors that impact your refrigeration system, such as temperature, wind, and humidity.

Climate Change Impact

Climate change affects transportation infrastructure not designed to endure the effects of higher temperatures.

While rising sea levels and intense flooding can compromise the safety of bridges and trestles, extreme heat can cause thermal cracks on roads and track buckles on rails.

The effects of a warming climate will increasingly bring more operational challenges to the industry. To save costs and ensure people’s safety in the future, stakeholders need to optimize transportation infrastructure for this changing climate.

Climate Projection Data

We make CMIP6 climate projection data available via our API and offer our expertise in weather and climate science to help the transport industry’s stakeholders understand how climate change will impact them.

Our users are able to request the latest CMIP6 data across all 5 socioeconomic pathways, out to 2100. We have applied our expertise to standardize and process the raw climate projection data from the CMIP6 models. This makes it easier for the transport industry to consume and to integrate with their existing data systems.

In addition, Meteomatics broadens the applicability of climate projection data by:

  • downscaling the horizontal resolution to 90m to take into account the local topography
  • downscaling the temporal resolution to create consistent time series
  • calculating around 40 derived parameters that help increase the usability and relevance of climate predictions to more users, such as temperature, wind direction, precipitation and global radiation

Check the climate scenarios

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Meteomatics Solutions for the Transport & Logistics Industry

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Weather API

Everything you need on call

Meteomatics Weather API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data, allowing users to retrieve large volumes of weather data quickly.

Weather API

Our Weather API

Your Benefits

  • One source, one interface: query multiple parameters simultaneously for single or multiple sites and entire areas.
  • Query data in real time with a response time of a few milliseconds
  • Real-time access to over 7 petabytes thanks to unique data processing technology (Meteocache)
  • "On the fly" downscaling using topographic maps enables 90 meter resolution worldwide, greatly improving accuracy at the local level
  • High resolution of data per minute
  • Highest data quality: over 1640 updates per day ensure accuracy and timelines

Weather API

Explore the Power of Our Weather Visualization Map

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MetX Visualization Map

With weather maps, weather data can be made accessible to all

MetX is a web-based tool based on the weather API developed by Meteomatics. A weather map is used to display complex weather data and can easily visualize conditions. With our software for the visualization of weather data, we offer you a high-performance solution to gain more insights and thus make better decisions based on the weather situation.

MetX Visualization


Advantages and Benefits

  • the calculation of weather data in real time when zooming or changing views
  • a high spatial resolution of 90 meters: based on the NASA terrain model, measuring points are calculated every 90 meters and the weather data are scaled down accordingly
  • high temporal resolution of one minute
  • the possibility to use different maps like topographic maps, border maps, aeronautical maps etc.
  • the use of layers to display different weather parameters
  • clear display of up to 4 maps on one screen (quartering of the screen)
  • data export for each point on the map
  • individual solutions for your weather map on request


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