We deliver weather data wherever it can help solve business challenges


We deliver weather data wherever it can help solve business challenges

Applied forecasting begins with connected data

Organisations are continually striving to better leverage their internal data to create new business insights and opportunities. Meteomatics’ Weather API is the quickest and easiest way for your business to gain access to high quality weather data from around the globe.

We use weather data & technology to enable smarter business.


  • Optimised forecasts – downscaled to as high as 90m resolution
  • Worldwide historical model data from 1979 onwards
  • Global and regional weather model data
  • Response format: JSON, CSV, XML etc.

Your agricultural business relies on exact measurements?


…resource plan for livestock farming

…use of crop protection products and fertilisers

…economic success at sowing and harvest

depend on weather conditions and therefore on precise predictions of ground temperature, precipitation and sunshine?

Meteomatics offers not only default weather forecasts but data specifically tailored towards agriculture. All of which can be easily queried through our weather API and downloaded in various formats to integrate with existing systems.

Global weather data – local applications

Besides basic parameters like temperature, precipitation and wind
the Meteomatics Weather API offers a lot of informations tailored to your specific needs specific.

Hourly values

Air temperature

Wind speed and direction

Relative humidity

Sunshine duration

Dew point

Daily values

Daily min/max temperature


Cloud coverage

Wind gusts

Precipitation totals and probabilities


Leaf moisture

Grassland fire index

Forest fire index

Palme draught index

Hunting light

Make your business predictable