Konstanz / St. Gallen, 4th August 2020, – The flight management software company Unisphere, and weather data expert Meteomatics have signed a cooperation agreement to improve the safety and efficiency of flight operations with drones and air taxis.

Under this agreement, Unisphere will provide their customers with automated flight management services for drones and air taxis that will include global weather data from Meteomatics. Pilot knowledge is transferred into software to automate decision making, realize efficiencies and save costs.

Meteomatics will deliver accurate weather forecasts with a horizontal resolution of 90m, directly to Unisphere via Meteomatics Weather API. Unisphere in-turn integrates the global weather data with aeronautical information, geo data, aircraft performance, operational limitations and sensor characteristics. The resulting 4-D trajectories includes pilot knowledge and all relevant information required to maximise the operational effectiveness of every individual flight. Unisphere provides flight trajectories to its customers worldwide either through an API or user interface.

The collaboration of Meteomatics and Unisphere marks an exciting development for the aerospace community, giving drone pilots the confidence of operating safely and maximising the benefits offered by drones and air taxis, within industries that do not typically have aviation expertise, such as agriculture, traffic management and logistics.

The integration of Meteomatics highly accurate weather data with Unisphere's aeronautical expertise and optimization algorithms, in a performant cloud infrastructure, provides users with a unique capability to accurately plan and execute their flight operations. Enabling drone flights to deliver benefits to a wide variety of industries across the globe, improving operational decision making and help organisations achieve greater efficiencies.

“Meteomatics powerful Weather Data API and the accuracy of their weather information made Meteomatics the logical choice for us. Their enthusiasm to integrate specific requests will provide our customers the quality of weather data required to automate drone operations.” said Christoph Schlettig, Founder of Unisphere.

“At Meteomatics, we have been manufacturing our Meteodrones since 2014. We certainly see the flight management platform of Unisphere as a mandatory service to enable highly automated flight operation of unmanned aircraft and we are proud to support flight safety.” added Dr. Martin Fengler, Meteomatics CEO.