St. Gallen, February 24, 2021: Meteomatics, the Swiss-based global weather service provider and weather drone expert, is delighted to announce that their efforts improving the development of hyperlocal weather forecasts are now supported by global technology leader, Thales.

Reliable Hyperlocal weather data and forecasts are a key factor in improving safety and reducing operational costs for several markets. Many industries, ranging from aviation to renewable energy and transportation, are significantly affected by weather phenomena like fog, freezing rain, thunderstorms, heavy wind or a drop in temperature. The increase in extreme weather events, accelerated through climate change, is significantly increasing the importance of detailed weather data. While current weather models are struggling to meet use cases that require very accurate forecasts.

With the support of Thales, Meteomatics is committed to overcome these challenges. The key to that is Meteomatics’ high-resolution forecast enhanced with measurements of its own weather drone, the “Meteodrone”. Through a combination of Meteorological and Data Engineering expertise, Meteomatics has developed a unique model for hyperlocal forecasting. Enriching high-quality national weather data with precise measurements of the mid and lower atmosphere, gathered by its Meteodrones.

In the coming months, Meteomatics will deploy several automated Meteobase systems in Eastern Switzerland to further test the orchestration of an automated Meteodrone network and feed the new data operationally into Meteomatics’ high-resolution weather model.

Checkout the studies, demonstrating the positive effect of the Meteodrones on hyperlocal forecasting.

For further information please contact: [email protected]