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  • Clear display of up to six maps on one screen
  • Real-time weather data calculation when zooming or changing views
  • Various maps available, including topographic maps, border maps, aeronautical maps, and more
  • Utilization of layers to showcase a wide range of weather parameters
  • Various setting options, e.g., color saturation
  • Accurate data visualization even over large areas, including global view
  • High granular resolution of 90 meters based on the NASA terrain model, with measurement points calculated every 90 meters and scaled accordingly
  • Minute-by-minute temporal resolution
  • Data export available for each point on the map
  • Customized solutions available upon request

A One-Stop Web-Based Professional Tool Accessible Through a Subscription

Accelerate your workflow: Work with one single browser tab, visualize and analyze all data from over 110 sources at once in one platform

  • No need to install any software
  • No need for a storage solution
  • No need for additional data sources
  • Enhance your confidence in operational forecasts and work effectively under pressure
  • Communicate easily with diverse stakeholders thanks to dynamic and intuitive weather maps

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