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Revolutionizing North America's Energy Forecasting through Advanced Weather Analytics

Empower Renewable Energy Forecasting: Our hyperlocal analytics fuse precise weather modeling and real-time performance data for unrivaled accuracy in wind, solar, and hydropower management.

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Jim Robinson
Director of Marketing & Communications, North America

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Intelligent Weather Solutions for the Energy Industry

We provide the most accurate weather data for any location, at any time, for better decision-making.

Our expert team of meteorologists and scientists continuously work on the optimization, accuracy and availability of our data to deliver reliable solutions

Multiple Weather Data Sources Delivered Through One Efficient Pipeline

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Everything you need, on demand

Unlock Lightning-Fast, Scalable Weather Insights with Meteomatics' Streamlined API: Say goodbye to the hassle of data processing. Our sophisticated API enables seamless retrieval of vast weather datasets in real-time, paving the way for more accurate and efficient energy decision-making.

Nick Lilja
Cheniere Energy, Inc.

"The data and insight we receive from Meteomatics are the absolute best. We discover new useful data frequently. The capabilities and ease-of-use of the platform have helped increase productivity and streamlined our workflow – at least – two-fold."

Learn From Our Customer Stories

This is how we support our energy customers with their forecasts, transmission capacity and process efficiency.

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Meteomatics' solar power forecasts improve Stadtwerke München's day-to-day electricity trading business and optimize the integration of solar power into the electricity market.
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The weather has a considerable influence on the production of renewable energies. As a relevant influencing factor, it thus affects forecasts for electricity production and also has an impact on electricity trading and the associated sales. In this article, you will learn how the Meteomatics Weather API makes the procurement of weather data at BKW easier, faster and more flexible, thus facilitating the integration of renewable energies into the electricity market.
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Ogre 2022 BRANDED header image v2 uses Meteomatics’ RESTful API to access one of the world's richest and most accurate weather databases. Meteomatics forecasts are now a key component of Ogre’s ML & AI process: used to generate precise power forecasts and solve key challenges of energy companies across multiple sectors.
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Heimdall Power BRANDED header image v2
Weather is one of the strongest factors influencing the capacity of power lines. Therefore, it is of utmost relevance for grid operators to know the current and future weather factors in detail, so that bottlenecks can be prevented, and a dynamic and efficient grid operation is possible. Using senso data from power lines in combination with data from Meteomatics, Heimdall Power can deliver an average increase of 25% in transmission capacity of high-voltage power lines. In this article you will learn how Heimdall was able to realize this improvement.
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OSI soft 2022 BRANDED header image v2
Actemium successfully integrated Meteomatics' weather data API into OSIsoft's PI system. This enables customers to easily integrate Meteomatics weather data directly into their own ERP and data management systems. Actemium was thus able to facilitate the use of Meteomatics weather data for an energy utility company that will use Meteomatics' high-quality data for its energy services in locations with very high temperatures.
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Hive Power 2022 BRANDED header image v2
The findings are stunning: the most accurate weather data and forecasts lead to superior energy generation and consumption forecasts, allowing companies to optimize their energy management, resulting in valuable cost savings, reduced planning risks and better decision making. In this story you will learn how Hive Power realizes these benefits with weather data provided by Meteomatics Weather API.
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Magnus Helgeby
Magnus Helgeby
Software Product Manager
Heimdall Power

“Using high-quality data from Meteomatics Weather API, Heimdall Power is delivering on average 25 % increase in transmission capacity for high-voltage power lines. Meteomatics was the natural choice of weather data provider for Heimdall Power’s mission-critical software.”

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