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Meteomatics Appoints Durjoy Mazumdar as Head of Sales for North America

Akemi Narindal Aoki - Digital Marketing Manager
Dr. Akemi Narindal-Aoki
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Starting in July 2024, Durjoy Mazumdar will assume his new role as Head of Sales for North America at Meteomatics. He will develop and lead our sales efforts, solidifying Meteomatics' position as a premier provider of weather data solutions across the region.

Durjoy brings an impressive track record to Meteomatics, with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and more than 15 years in sales leadership, including seven years at The Weather Company and Spire. His extensive expertise spans various domains, including not only weather data, but also enterprise software, B2B SaaS, big data, IoT, storage solutions, software subscriptions, and cloud services.

Throughout his career, Durjoy has built and scaled sales teams from the ground up, driving substantial revenue growth. His experience in structuring complex deals involving products and services, and successfully selling to C-level executives, further underscores his suitability for this strategic role.

“I am excited to join Meteomatics and take on the role of Head of Sales for North America. Meteomatics’ innovative approach to weather data is truly impressive, and I look forward to leading our sales efforts to bring these cutting-edge solutions to businesses across North America", he commented.

Durjoy will be responsible for developing and leading sales initiatives, streamlining commercial processes, and establishing Meteomatics as a key player in the North American market. His appointment marks a significant step in Meteomatics' ongoing commitment to providing innovative weather data solutions to a wide range of industries.

"We are thrilled to welcome Durjoy to our team," said Dr. Martin Fengler, CEO of Meteomatics. "His extensive experience and proven success in weather data sales make him the perfect fit to lead our North American sales efforts. We are confident that his strategic vision and leadership will drive Meteomatics to new heights in the region."

We are renowned for our innovative approach to weather data, utilizing advanced technology to deliver highly accurate and reliable weather information. With Durjoy at the lead of North American sales, we’re confident to enhance our service offerings and expand our customer base, ensuring that businesses across the continent can benefit from precise and actionable weather insights.

durjoy mazumdar head of sales meteomatics
Durjoy Mazumdar, Head of Sales North America
Akemi Narindal Aoki - Digital Marketing Manager
Dr. Akemi Narindal-Aoki
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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