Color Maps

The most versatile layer mode is the color map. Color maps denote almost any given Meteomatics API parameter as color contours. To add a weather layer, the user needs to specify the API parameter name. If unsure about the parameter names, either refer to the alphabetic parameter list or use the blank field in the ”Add layer” window. The blank field serves as search box: when you start typing a parameter, suggestions will be displayed.

Parameter list

To add the layer, click on the suggested item from the list. In the next window the user can choose the format, unit, and level of the parameter. The parameter formatting is very flexible so the user can query the parameter at various heights or levels, intervals (time ranges), measures (min, max, mean), or type (EFI, SOT).

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The available parameter formatting is dependent on the parameter. For example, precipitation does not have a level attribute because it is recorded at ground level. When satisfied with the layer adjustments, click the button ”Apply” to add the layer to the map.

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Once the colormap is added, the user is able to change the colormap’s preferences regarding the model source, format, unit, level, colors, opacity, and image resolution in the Layer Stack.

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