Layout Options and Time Settings

Layout Options

The tab layout specifies how many different maps the user wants to combine in one tab. To get to the tab layout overview, simply click on the general tab settings.

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Up to nine different panels can be specified. Each panel can contain a map, plot or any other option MetX is offering.

You can sync all tabs - which means all move when you move on of the or change the viewport - or switch the tab sync off and move or scroll around in all windows individually.

Redo and undo option

If you want to undo or redo certain steps in your dashboards, you can simply click the arrows on the top of the dashboard and MetX shows the previous state of the dashboards.

Redo and undo option

You do not have to save different states of your dashboards as MetX is saving automatically every change you do.

Time Settings

MetX will open every dashboard per default in the current time. Dates, times and timezones can be adjusted in the Date Time Settings.

Time settings

Auto refresh mode

When the Auto refresh mode is chosen, the dashboards will be automatically updated every 15 minutes.

Auto Refresh Mode

Saving display time

To save the date and time for all tabs in a dashboard simply check the "Save display time" checkbox.

Save display time

When this checkbox is activated a clock with a lock on the bottom of the time slider shows that a certain display time is saved for all tabs in the dashboard.