If you want to display the data in a table view, you simply need to chose the table source:

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By default the temperature is already shown. Adjustments like chosing a date and timerange as well as adding and deleting a paramter, or display the parameters for a certain location can be made in the layerstack.

Tables in MetX

In the Layer Stack, the date range and location can be changed by clicking on the small pencil. For each column, the source, unit and level can be changed. New columns are added by clicking on ”Add Column”.

Weather table formatting

Drag and drop the columns

The table column order can be changed by dragging and dropping the column titles. The table can be sorted by a column value by clicking on the column heading. For example, clicking on ”t_2m:C” will sort the table from the time of the highest temperature to the time of the lowest temperature. Clicking on the ”Time” column heading will change the sorting back to increasing time.

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