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Weather API Integration

Get complex weather data in a user-friendly format

  • Simplified integration of weather data into existing workflows
  • Free connectors available on Github
  • Compatible with multiple programming languages
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Integrate weather data into your system with just a few lines of code

  • For each programming language, a detailed description is available in our Documentation.
  • Our videos provide additional support for integrating the Weather API into your environment without any problems.

Documentation & FAQ

Our extensive Documentation and FAQ make it easy to get started and work with our Weather API.

Meteomatics' science and engineering teams continuously update our comprehensive documentation, ensuring that users across various industries can effectively harness the API's value for their specific needs and requirements.

In addition, we offer first-class support that is readily available to assist you anytime via email, phone, or live chat, offering round-the-clock coverage, 24/7. Our support team is always happy to help you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Data Connectors

We provide free connectors on Github, compatible with multiple programming languages:

Output Formats

We ensure you can output data according to your needs:

Free Trial

Test Our Weather API for 14 Days Free of Charge!

  • Immediate access upon registration
  • 1,000 queries (50 queries per minute, 10 queries in parallel)

Upon request:

  • Subset of historical data
  • WMS interface, including 20,000 queries in total

How to Use Weather API

Discover the full potential of weather data with our guide on how to use weather API. Our collection of blog articles covers API basics to advanced techniques, allowing you to harness the power of weather data for your personal or business projects.

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Best Weather APIs
07/13/2023 / In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed the distinctive features of multiple weather APIs and compiled a list of the top-performing options currently available in the market.
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Leading Electricity Companies Choose Meteomatics
07/10/2023 / We’re proud to share that 80% of the electricity companies with the highest power capacity in Europe have chosen the Meteomatics Weather API as their trusted source of weather data.
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Update April 2023
05/10/2023 / Discover some of the most recent updates to the Weather API.
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URL Creator
04/13/2023 / In this article you will learn all there is to know about the URL Creator from Meteomatics.
Historical weather data what was the weather on a certain date
The Weather on a Certain Date
03/20/2023 / What was the weather on a certain date? Here we explain what kinds of historical weather data exist, where to get them from, and how Meteomatics can help you on your journey.
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Flood Modelling Part 2
08/24/2022 / How to use pysheds to predict flood extents
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Flood Modelling Part 1
07/15/2022 / How to delineate river catchment areas for flood modelling using pysheds
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Google's Dialogueflow
03/07/2022 / Using Google's Dialogueflow to Create an AI Chatbot
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Comparing Weather Data Sources
01/26/2022 / How to find the most reliable API data for your usage
Intro to Julia
12/22/2021 / A discussion of the merits of a new programming language, and a new connector to the API
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