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Historical Weather Data and Forecasts

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up to 500 queries per day

10 parameters / query

csv, xml, json &

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up to 1,000 queries per day

10 parameters / query

csv, xml, json &

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customized API packages

full access to all

access to climate projections
up until 2100

large range of usage

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Choose a Meteomatics API package that meets your requirements

Experience the richness and quality of Meteomatics' Weather API! Choose from our range of API packages to suit your budget and requirements.
Our range of low cost packages are ideal to help users familiarize themselves with Meteomatics' Weather API and develop new ideas, by accessing accurate weather and enviromental data.

Professional users benefit from higher usage limits and can choose from a range of Meteomatics Business API packages that give full access to all weather data available in Meteomatics API, as well as climate projections up until 2100.

Entry Level API Explorer API Business API
$40/month $90/month upon request
Weather parameters

Basic parameters

10m wind, 2m temp, MSL pressure, precipitation rate (hourly & daily), weather symbols

Advanced parameters

maritime parameters (significant wave height, mean wave direction), astronomical parameters (sunshine duration, sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise)


All parameters

1000’s of parameters available within Meteomatics Weather API

x x

Climate projections (additional cost)

Access to climate projections up until 2100. Get more information on our climate projections.

x x
Queries per day 500 1,000 up to 100,000,000
Locations per query 1 1 up to 10,000 locations, up to 1 million for an area request
Parameters per query 10 10 > 10
Out to 5 days
Out to 10 days x
Out to 2 years x x

24hrs. prior period data

Starting prior day 00:00 UTC

Historical data (additional cost)
Station data x x
Radar data x x
Satellite images x x
Maritime data x x
Model data x x
Lightning data x x
Area requests (additional cost)
WMS & WFS - up to 1,000,000 grid points/query, up to 10,000 scattered locations/query x x
Line queries x x
Route queries x x
Polygon queries x x
Gridded data x x
Included models
Meteomatics Model Mix
Access to different model sources (additional cost) x x
Ensemble data (additional cost) x x
Data formats
CSV, XML, JSON, HTML & many more
PNG, Geotiff, NetCDF x x

Variety of data connectors

Python, R, PowerBI, MATLAB, C++, Java, ESRI, ArcGIS & many more

Support and usage
Support  standard standard premium (24/7)
Commercial use

Meteomatics Weather API is the most powerful and easy to use API available

  • Access weather forecasts for any location on the globe (latitude / longitude search)
  • Forecasts are available at a downscaled resolution of up to 90 metres!
  • Time steps up to 5 minute temporal resolution, for historical, real time and forecast data
  • Meteomatics Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of weather and environmental data
  • Weather forecast requests are calculated using the latest available observations to ensure users receive the most up to date and accurate forecast.
  • Data connectors: Python, R, PowerBI, MATLAB, C++, Java, ESRI, ArcGIS and many more

Check out our documentation to get started and explore the huge volume of weather data available!

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