The time for a new type of query, the route query, has come!
The route query allows you to query the weather along your travel route. All you need to provide is a sorted list of times and a list of locations, both of the same length, and make use of the new optional parameter route=true.

A simple example explains it all:

The following query provides you the temperature and precipitation along a route from St. Gallen (ZIP code 9000) via Zurich (ZIP code 8000) to Basel (ZIP code 4000), when you start now, arrive in Zurich in 1 hour and arrive in Basel in 2 hours from now:,now+1H,now+2H/t_2m:C,precip_1h:mm/postal_CH9000+postal_CH8000+postal_CH4000/csv?route=true


Route queries are supported for the file formats CSV, JSON and XML.

A possible application in a webpage: