Isolines Request

We offer official styles that you can use in your client to visualise isolines, you only need to specify this URL in your client and it will automatically know what other URLs request for other resources such as fonts, symbols, and vector tiles:<parameter>/style.json?<optionals>

Note that it is both possible to separate the <parameter>'s name and unit with a colon or a slash, e.g. the result shown below also works with setting the parameter to msl_pressure/hPa instead of msl_pressure:hPa.

For example, below is the result for at Esri online:

Esri isolines

If necessary you can also download and customize our official style file to your needs. You can host the modified style and use it in your own application. Furthermore, some web-interfaces such as Maputnik allow for easy style modifications (width/color of the lines, etc) and display of the results in real-time. For example, the result of using Maputnik to change the isolines' color to blue:

Esri isolines customized

Mandatory Fields

parameterParameter from the available parameters in the API you want to retrieve isolines for.String with the parameter name and unit separated by either a colon or a slash.msl_pressure:hPa, msl_pressure/hPa

Optional Fields

Optional fields can be attached to the query string as follows:


The following table describes all optional parameters:

datetimeDate for which the vector data is retrieved.A single point in time (UTC) as specified in the section Date/Time Description. datetime always refers to validdatetime. The default setting is now.datetime=2018-04-12T12:45Z
sourceThis parameter is used to select a specific source (model) for weather data.String. Default: source=mixecmwf-ifs, ncep-gfs, ukmo-um10, etc.
isoline_rangeDefine an interval for which isolines shall be generated. The structure is as follows: start,end,spacing.List of integers.isoline_range=-40,40,5
isoline_valuesDefine a single value or a list of values for which isolines shall be generated. If isoline_values=5 is set for temperature, then only the 5 °C-isotherm is generated.List of doubles.isoline_values=0,0.5,1,1.5,2,2.5,3
radius_median_filterSmoothing of isolines.Integer between 0-10.radius_median_filter=1
radius_gaussian_filterSmoothing of isolines.Integer between 0-10.radius_gaussian_filter=3
isoline_min_pointsMinimum number of points per isolines. Must be at least 2.Single integer.isoline_min_points=2
access_tokenInstead of basic authentication, you can opt to use OAuth authentication as described here: OAuth AuthentificationString.eyJhbGciOicCI6IkpXVC J9.eyJzdWIwIiwibmF