QGIS (WFS Instruction)

If you use the free and open source geographic information system QGIS you can follow the instructions below to add our WFS interface to access our WFS.

Start by opening QGIS and add a WFS-Layer as depicted below:

1 WFS QGIS connector

Connect with the Meteomatics WFS Server by creating a New server connection

2 WFS QGIS connector

Fill in the name of Name of the service, for example with Meteomatics WFS, as well as our WFS URL http://api.meteomatics.com/wfs. Enter your user name and password for
your Meteomatics API account,

3 WFS QGIS connector

and then Connect to the Meteomatics WFS:

4 WFS QGIS connector

Afterwards you can select your desired layer and add it:

5 WFS QGIS connector

For the example of stations_dwd-climate, this results with the following display:

End WFS QGIS connector

Please note that there is currently no way to supply our custom parameters in QGIS, and therefore our WFS functionality is therefore only partially accessible.