Symbols Request

You only need to specify this style URL in your client and it will automatically know what other URLs request for other resources such as vector tiles and weather symbol icons:<parameter>/style.json?<optionals>

For example:

Symbols example

Mandatory Fields

parameterThe parameter for which you want to retrieve the symbols. Available is weather_symbol_<interval>:idx with intervals 20min, 30min, 1h,3h, 6h, 12h, 24h.String with the parameter name and unit separated by either a colon or a slash.weather_symbol_1h:idx, weather_symbol_1h/idx

Optional Fields

Optional fields can be attached to the query string as follows:


The following table describes all optional parameters:

datetimeDate for which the vector data is retrieved.Date and times (UTC) as specified in the section Date/Time Description. datetime always refers to validdatetime. The default setting is now.datetime=2022-05-28T12:00Z
sourceThis parameter is used to select a specific source (e.g. model) for weather data.String. Default: source=mixecmwf-ifs, ncep-gfs, ukmo-um10, etc.
resolutionControls the density of weather symbols per tile.Two doubles or two integer: <resolution_lat>,<resolution_lon> or <number_lons>x<number_lats>resolution=0.1,0.1, resolution=400x300
access_tokenInstead of basic authentication, you can opt to use OAuth authentication as described here: OAuth AuthentificationString.eyJhbGciOicCI6IkpXVC