GetMap Request

The GetMap-Request fetches data and essentially consists of the following elements:

The following table describes all parameters of the GetMap-Request:

Field Description Value Example
VERSION WMS version according to which the request will be treated. The currently supported version is 1.3.0. String "1.3.0"
REQUEST The request type, here "GetMap". String "GetMap"
LAYERS Represents the requested parameter. For a list a of available parameters, please refer to the list of available parameters. Only one parameter is supported per request. String "t_2m:C"
STYLES (optional) A single color scheme which should be used to represent the data. Currently the following color schemes are implemented: JET, JET_INVERTED, JET_SEGMENTED, JET_SEGMENTED_INVERTED,BLUES, BLUES_INVERTED, BLUE_TO_RED, RED_TO_BLUE, BLUE_MAGENTA, MAGENTA_BLUE, GRAY, GRAY_INVERTED, GRAY_TRANSPARENT, PERIODIC, PERIODIC_INVERTED, PLASMA, PLASMA_INVERTED, PRISM, PRISM_INVERTED, REDS, REDS_INVERTED , SEISMIC, SEISMIC_INVERTED, VIRIDIS, and VIRIDIS_INVERTED. The default style is a recommended colormap for the requested parameter. Examples for all colormaps can be found here. String "JET"
CRS Specifies the coordinate reference system used for georeferencing. Currently supported:
EPSG:4326: World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) | ellipsoidal 2D coordinate system with latitude and longitude in degrees
EPSG:3857: Spherical Mercator | cartesian 2D coordinate system with easting and northing in meters
String "EPSG:4326"
BBOX Defines the area of the requested data formatted as <x_min>,<y_min>,<x_max>,<y_max>. The values of x and y depend on the chosen CRS.
For EPSG:4326 the boundary box needs to be provided as <lat_min>,<lon_min>,<lat_max>,<lon_max>.
For EPSG:3857 the boundary box needs to be provided as <north_min>,<east_min>,<north_max>,<east_max>.

World EPSG:4326: "-90,-180,90,180"

WIDTH / HEIGHT Specifies the width and height of the requested image Integer in the range 2-3072 "1024"
FORMAT Specifies the image data format of the response. Currently only PNG "image/png" is supported. MIME type "image/png"
TIME (optional) A single point in time (UTC) as specified in the section Date/Time Description. TIME always refers to validdatetime. Defaults to "now". ISO-8601 Date "2018-07-20T16:15Z"
MODEL (optional) A certain data source such as a weather model or a RADAR. Default model is mix. String "ecmwf-ifs" or "ncep-gfs"

The service will return the data as specified by the FORMAT parameter, unless an error is encountered. In that case a WMS exception in the XML format will be returned instead.


The following example requests will return the current air temperature at the height of 2 meters in °C for the entire world: