GetMap Request

The GetMap-request is the main service, delivering geo-referenced layers for specific parameters and locations. Currently the only supported output result is a PNG-image. In our implementation, a WMS GetMap request triggers a standard API query. The following fields must be specified:
Field Description Value Example
VERSION Currently we support only OGC standard version 1.3.0.. String 1.3.0
REQUEST The name of the request. String GetMap
LAYERS Name of the parameter, in principle all those available in the API. Currently we support only one parameter for query. The model could be also specified here preceding the parameter. String t_2m:C, mix:t_2m:C
CRS Coordinate reference system. Currently supported:
  • EPSG:4326 ( Latitude and Longitude defined by the World Geodetic System 1984 -WGS84).
  • EPSG:3857 (Cartesian coordinates of the spherical Mercator projection).
  • EPSG:2056 (CH1903+ / LV95 - Swiss oblique conformal cylindrical projection)
      Further description: The Swiss LV95 coordinate reference system is based on satellite measurements and has its origin at the geostation Zimmerwald near Bern. The coordinates consist of a 7-digit number starting in the north-south direction with a 1 and in the west-east direction with a 2. Further information can be directly found at the Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo).
String EPSG:4326
BBOX Bounding box of the queried area (the example shows the coordinates for the entire world), we support only a rectangular area in one of the following formats:
<lat_min>,<lon_min>,<lat_max>,<lon_max> for EPSG:4326 or <east_min>,<north_min>,<east_max>,<north_max> for EPSG:3857 and EPSG:2056.


The width and the height in pixels of the requested image. Supported range is [2-3072]. Integer 1024
FORMAT Only PNG and WebP is supported, but in general it could be any of this: WMS output formats MIME type image/png or image/webp
TIME (optional) The time point of the query in our usual API format, only one time per query is supported. If not specified the default value is now. ISO-8601 Date 2018-07-20T16:15Z
STYLES (optional) The colormap applied to the queried data, as usual applied in the API query. Default values are the same as in the API. The default style is a recommended colormap for the requested parameter. Examples for all colormaps can be found here. String JET
SOURCE (optional) The model used as data source, the default value is mix but can be any of the models implemented in the API. String ecmwf-ifs

The service will return the data as specified by the FORMAT parameter, unless an error is encountered. In that case a WMS exception in the XML format will be returned instead.


The following example requests will return the current air temperature at the height of 2 meters in °C for the entire world:

Image formats