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Advanced Requests

The Meteomatics API additionally supports several types of advanced requests, which facilitate e.g. querying time series from weather stations, retrieving weather data along defined routes, getting statistical measures for a defined polygon-shaped area and the integration of isolines into web applications.

The following table describes the different advanced query types:

Request type Description Required value
Station or MOS data In order to retrieve data from weather stations or query for MOS forecasts, the source field needs to be specified. mix-obs or mm-mos
Route query Request weather data along a time/space dependent route as specified here. true, false
Polygon query It is possible to define a random polygon and get e.g. mean and maximum values of a parameter within that polygon. The field aggregate needs to be defined as desired.,lon1_lat2,lon2_..._latN,lonN:aggregate/format?optionals min, max, mean, median, mode
Isolines and labels Get data for visualizing isolines for different parameters. The output is provided in GeoJSON format<fields>