GetLegendGraphic Request

The GetLegendGraphic-Request delivers a legend graphic with an extent of 192x384 pixels to help the user with the interpretation of the data.
The requests are usually automatically generated by the GIS software. A manual GetLegendGraphic-Request can be constructed as follows:


The following table describes the parameters of the GetLegendGraphic-Request:

Field Description Value Example
VERSION WMS version according to which the request will be treated (1.3.0). Has no impact on the GetLegendGraphic request. String "1.3.0".
REQUEST The request type. In case of GetLegendGraphic-Request fixed to "GetLegendGraphic". String "GetLegendGraphic"
LAYERS Represents the requested parameter. For a list a of available parameters, please refer to the list of available parameters. Currently only one parameter is supported per Request. Note that not all API parameters are also available via WMS. Please contact Meteomatics if you have any questions. String "t_2m:C"
STYLES (optional) The color scheme which should be used to represent the data. Currently the following color schemes are implemented: JET, JET_INVERTED, JET_SEGMENTED, JET_SEGMENTED_INVERTED, BLUE_TO_RED, RED_TO_BLUE, BLUES, BLUES_INVERTED, GRAY, GRAY_INVERTED, PERIODIC, PERIODIC_INVERTED, PLASMA, PLASMA_INVERTED, PRISM, PRISM_INVERTED, REDS, REDS_INVERTED , SEISMIC, SEISMIC_INVERTED, VIRIDIS, VIRIDIS_INVERTED, BLUE_MAGENTA, and MAGENTA_BLUE. The default style is a recommended colormap depending on the parameter. String "VIRIDIS_INVERTED"
FORMAT Specifies the image data format of the response. Currently only PNG "image/png" and WebP “image/webp” is supported.MIME type "image/png" or “image/webp”
TRANSPARENT (optional) Custom optional parameter to specify whether the background of the legend graphic should be transparent or white. String "true"