Coordinate Description

Geometry Description Example
Single point <lat>,<lon> 47.419708,9.358478
Point list <lat1>,<lon1>+...+<latN>,<lonN> 47.41,9.35+47.51,8.74+47.13,8.22
Line <start_point>_<end_point>:<number_of_points> 50,10_50,20:100
Polyline <segment1_start_point>_<segment1_end_point>:<number_of_segment1_points>+<segment2_end_point>:<number_of_segment2_points> The start point of each segment is the end point of the previous segment. 50,10_50,20:100+60,20:10, 47.42,9.37_47.46,9.04:10+
Rectangle (fixed number of points) <lat_max>,<lon_min>_<lat_min>,<lon_max>:<number_lons>x<number_lats> 50,10_40,20:100x100
Rectangle (fixed resolution) <lat_max>,<lon_min>_<lat_min>,<lon_max>:<resolution_lat>,<resolution_lon> 50,10_40,20:0.1,0.1
Rectangle shortcuts <shortcut>:<resolution_lat>,<resolution_lon> europe:0.1,0.1,north-atlantic:100x100
Postal (Zip) Codes postal_<country_code><zip_code>
Country code refers to ISO3166-1 alpha-2 values of any country on the globe.
When working with latitudes and longitudes, please note that their representation in the response will contain at most 6 digits after the decimal point. This allows to represent coordinates with sub-m precision, which significantly exceeds the resolution of most data sources. An example showing the temperature along the train line from St. Gallen via Wil and Winterthur to Zurich with 10 sample points between each two stations:,9.37_47.46,9.04:10+47.51,8.78:10+47.39,8.57:10/csv Please note that following requests require the area requests option:
  • Rectangles
  • Point lists containing more than 10 points
  • Polylines with more than 10 segments
Available shortcuts:
Shortcut Coordinates
world 80,-180_-80,180
global 80,-180_-80,180
africa 40,-28_-40,60
asia 80,40_-13,180
australia -8,110_-50,180
europe 67.96,-12_35,30
north-america 72,-170_23,-50
south-america 15,-100_-60,-20
Countries and regions The API features a broad list of country shortcuts.
e.g. switzerland 47.89,5.77_45.74,10.65
e.g. uk 59.48,-10.88_49.83,2.06
many more...
baltic-sea 66.31,8.31_53.12,31.12
mediterranean-sea 46.25,-6.6_30,36.9
north-atlantic 70,-85_20,20
north-sea 63.33,-5.77_50.58,11.31
Don't hesitate to contact us if you require another country or region.