Available Formats

This is a short description of available output formats. Please refer to the API-Response section for details.

Format Description
csv Semicolon separated values.
xml Hierarchical structure in XML.
json Hierarchical structure in JSON.
png A lossless PNG image of a single time step of a geographical region. Uses a recommended colormap with a fixed scale.
png_<colormap> Same as png above but you can choose a color map from the available colormaps, for example with png_viridis.
geotiff A georeferenced TIFF image for a single time step and area that can be easily displayed in GIS software such as QGIS. Uses a recommended default colormap and scaling.
geotiff_<colormap> As geotiff above, but with a color map from the available colormaps. Example: geotiff_plasma.
netcdf A NetCDF file containing a time series over a geographical region.
html An HTML plot graphically displaying a time series or an interactive png of a domain.
html_map An geographical HTML map showing up to two parameters as a semi-transparent overlay.