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Mandatory Fields

The following table describes all mandatory fields for the URL:
Option Description Value Example
validdatetime A date or date range to retrieve the weather forecast for. (see separate table with Date/Time Description) 2017-05-28T13:00:00Z or 2017-05-28T13:00:00Z--2017-05-30T13:00:00Z:P1D
parameters One or more parameters to be included in this request. Please refer to Available Parameters for a list of valid parameters. List of strings in a format <parameter_name>:<parameter_value> separated by commas ','. t_2m:C,relative_humidity_2m:p
location Geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) in WGS-84 decimal format. It is possible to query a single point, a point list, a line, or a rectangle. In source mix-obs you can also use an identifier instead of coordinates to specify a station. (see a separate table with Coordinate Description below, or with Station Identifiers) 47.423336,9.377225+50,10 or 50,9_47,10:10x10 or wmo_066810
format The data format of the output. csv,xml, json, png, etc. (see a full list of supported formats below). json