Our gallery features some examples of the parameters you can query through our API.

Downscaled parameters

Downscaled air temperature at 2 m in °C.
Downscaled temperature2 1

Standard weather parameters

Wind speed and geopotential at 500 hPa together with the corresponding wind barbs.
Wind speed 500h Pa

Solar radiation

Global radiation in W/m2
Global rad

Satellite images

Left: RGB channel satellite image | Right: 3.9 µm channel satellite image
Satellite data2

Radar images and lightning information

Left: Radar image and cloud cover together with lightnings
Right: Corresponding precipitation type (purple: snow, blue: rain) and air temperature at 2 m.
Radar precip type clouds lightning

Advanced weather parameters

Equivalent potential temperature (Theta E) at 850 hPa together with corresponding isentropes during the polar vortex induced cold outbreaks in North America and Europe in February 2021.
Theta e polar vortex

Wind power

Theoretically generated wind power across Europe by an Enercon E82 turbine with an installed capacity of 3 MW.
Wind power area series