QGIS (WMS Instruction)

If you use the free and open source geographic information system QGIS you can follow the instructions below to add our WMS interface to create your own maps.

Open QGIS and add a WMS/WMTS-Layer:

1 WFS QGIS connector

Create a New server connection

2 WMS QGIS connector

and fill in Name, e.g. with Meteomatics WMS, and URL with our WMS URL http://api.meteomatics.com/wms as well as the user name and password of your Meteomatics API user account.

3 WMS QGIS connector

Connect to the Meteomatics WMS with Connect,

4 WMS QGIS connector

select your desired layer and Add it:

QGIS add layer

This should result in QGIS displaying the desired layer, e.g. that of the dew point:

End WMS QGIS connector

Note: the QGIS plugin TimeManager allows you to easily choose a time (without entering the time, the imagery is taken for the current time) and create slideshows/videos of WMS content.