GetFeatureInfo Request | Aviation Reports / TAF

GetFeatureInfo Request

This request delivers some attributes related to the single data point at the requested coordinates, its typical usage is a pop-up window on a click on the map, displaying information about the selected location. In the API service, it returns a plain text message containing the value of the parameter at the selected location. The form of the request is similar to GetMap with the following fields to be specified:

The following table describes all parameters of the GetFfeatureInfo-Request:

Field Description Example
VERSION WMS version according to which the request will be treated. Currently only OGC standard version 1.3.0 is supported. 1.3.0
REQUEST The name of the request type. GetFeatureInfo
LAYERS Represents the requested parameter. Please refer to the GetMap descriptions. t_2m:C
CRS Please refer to the GetMap descriptions. EPSG:4326
BBOX Defines the area of the requested data formatted as <x_min>,<y_min>,<x_max>,<y_max>. The values of x and y depend on the chosen CRS.
For EPSG:4326 the boundary box needs to be provided as <lat_min>,<lon_min>,<lat_max>,<lon_max>.
For EPSG:3857 the boundary box needs to be provided as <north_min>,<east_min>,<north_max>,<east_max>.

World EPSG:4326:-90,-180,90,180

WIDTH / HEIGHT Specifies the width and height of the requested image 1024
I/J The coordinates of the selected pixel of the corresponding GetMap image. I is in the range between [2, WIDTH) and J between [2, HEIGHT) integer, e.g. 457
FORMAT Currently only plain text is supported. text/plain
TIME (optional) A single point in time (UTC) as specified in the section Date/Time Description. TIME always refers to validdatetime. Defaults to "now". 2018-07-20T16:15Z
SOURCE (optional) A certain data source such as a weather model or a RADAR. Default model is mix. ecmwf-ifs or ncep-gfs


Aviation Reports / TAF

Aviation reports like TAF are currently implemented in the Vector Tile Service. In order to enable the delivery of the raw TAF message in a WMS GetFeatureInfo request, the following procedures can be adopted: