Models and Data Sources | Ensemble Member Selection

Optional Fields

Optional fields can be attached to the query string as follows:

https://...?option_name=<option_value>&... The following table describes the optional parameters:

Option Description Value Example
source This parameter is used to select a specific source for weather data. String. Default: mix ecmwf-ifs, ncep-gfs or ukmo-um10
calibrated This option enables the calibration of historical and nowcast (first 6 hours of forecast) data with actual station measurements. The influence of a station at a certain location decreases with increasing distance from the station. true, false Default is false
mask Mask a parameter to only be valid on land or sea. land, sea
ens_select When explicitly requesting data based on an ensemble model using the 'model' parameter (e.g. ecmwf-ens), you can specify the member or aggregate to return via this parameter. String. Default: member:0 (control run) member:1-50, member:1, median, mean, spread, quantile0.3, quantile0.9
cluster_select By using ecmwf-ens-cluster, you can query cluster data based on ECMWF. String. No default. cluster:1, cluster:1-6
timeout A timeout (in seconds) after which the API will answer with a timeout message if it hasn't yet finished treating the query. Integer. Default: 300 (180 for WMS/WFS-Queries), Maximum is 300. 10, 60
route Request weather data along a time/space dependent route as specified here. true, false