Interval Parameters

  • Interval depending values are always "right-aligned". This means a parameter like precip_12h at a validdate of 2015-10-16T18:00:00Z contains the amount of precipitation which fell between 6:00 and 18:00 (UTC) on the 16th of October.
  • Parameters are constantly being added. Please contact Meteomatics if you're missing something particular.


Output parameters that represent dates are represented according to the ISO-standard, which is also used to represent dates in user requests. Timezone is UTC if not noted otherwise.



Accounting and Limits

Each query that is sent to the API which actually requests data increases your query count, which is limited as stated in your contract. The queries themselves are subject to the following limitations*:

  • You can request 10 locations** and 10 parameters with one query.
  • When using GET requests, there are some technical limitations and we recommend that you don’t use more than 2000 characters in a single query. This limitation can be avoided by the use of POST requests.
  • Every query that does not complete within 5 minutes is terminated and an error code of 408 is returned. Try to lessen the payload of the query in such a case, e.g. by reducing the number of locations or by requesting shorter time periods.

    * The here stated limits are subject to changes and may differ from your contract. The limits stated in your contract always take precedence over the information published on this page.

    ** Location limits can be extended to 10000 Locations per query by acquiring the area option.