In addition to the existing query methods, the new powerful polygon query is now available!
This kind of query offers a lot of new opportunities regarding spatial data analysis.
Have you ever wondered about the highest elevation around your area or the mean temperature of Switzerland on a certain day? All these questions can easily be answered by applying polygon queries.

For example, you want to find out the current mean hourly temperature, surface pressure and wind speed in a height of 10 m for the canton of Thurgau plus two hours ahead. Just define the time parameter and provide the points of your polygon:,now+2H,now+3H/t_2m:C,sfc_pressure:hPa,wind_speed_10m:ms/47.376,8.94493_47.4838,9.0136_47.4903,9.4559_47.6626,9.15642_47.6839,8.67025:mean/csv


Polygon queries are supported for the file formats CSV, JSON and XML.