St. Gallen: (September 2, 2019) – Meteomatics AG, the Swiss-based global weather service provider and weather drone expert, is delighted to announce its partnership with Fortyone AG the young St. Gallen based private equity firm.



Fortyone AG is committed to active participation across its portfolio of groundbreaking companies and to adding value to its investments by bringing its knowledge, experience and relationships to bear. The smart money approach extends to positively influencing corporate structure and taking an active part on the Board of Directors. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome lawyer Markus Schultz and Dr. Marcel Walker to the Board of Directors of Meteomatics AG.

“We are delighted to develop our relationship with Fortyone and welcome them as a crucial partner in our mission to lead the next generation of meteorological technology for the modern enterprise,” said Dr. Martin Fengler, Founder and CEO of Meteomatics. “By working with Fortyone’s deep expertise in supporting innovative business ideas to succeed we look forward to creating an alliance that will ultimately help public and private organisations all over the world derive more value and insights from environmental data than ever before.”

With an increased frequency and severity of extreme weather, and the complexities of accurately forecasting weather at city scale, it is unsurprising that there’s a real need for better hyperlocal forecasting.

Meteomatics’ Meteodrones solve critical challenges for today’s leading-edge organisations by giving them access to high quality environmental data taken from ground level up to 3km, the planetary boundary layer and beyond. By using these Meteodrone-gathered environmental data, organisations can quickly gain deep insights into current and future operational challenges and risks.

Fortyone’s Dr. Marcel Walker, comments: “At Fortyone, we take pride in working with world-leading innovators and technologists to address real world pain points. Meteomatics have been very transparent and open to engage with, and we share the same cultural values that put the delivery of high-quality data driven solutions at the centre of their customer relationships. Combining Meteomatics weather data with Fortyone’s keen business  growth expertise produces a force multiplier effect able to deliver the future of weather forecasting.”


About Fortyone

Fortyone AG hold participations in non-listed companies and is guided by the question: "Can we make a difference?". As active investors, they make investments in which, in addition to the financial resources, they can add value to their knowledge, experience and relationships. In order to live up to this smart money approach and to be able to actively influence the corporate structure, Fortyone usually requires the involvement of the Board of Directors. The scope of the participation depends on the requirements.